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Just as cars need maintenance, appliances need checkups.

Tips from the RepairGuru.
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You need to clean your humidifier every year to get rid of scale, rust and hard water buildup. Consult your owner's manual to learn how to properly disassemble and clean your unit. To improve efficiency, replace the humidifier pad, filter or element every year. Learn more about humidifiers.

  Washing machine:
Check the water hoses. A small blister in the hose indicates wear and could cause the hose to rupture. Manufacturers recommend replacing the hoses every five years. Learn more about washing machines.

Clean the lint filter after each load. Check the entire length of the vent pipe for lint build-up at least once a year - or more often if the dryer gets a lot of use. Learn more about dryers.

Note: Your dryer vent pipe should be made of rigid aluminum. The white vinyl duct that was common several years ago no longer meets most building codes. See dryer venting products.

Under most refrigerators/freezers there is a set of coils and a cooling fan. The coils need to be cleaned at least once a year. The coils may look like a grate or a wide radiator. Unplug the unit and use a refrigerator condenser brush with your vacuum to clean any lint, pet hair and other buildup from the coils. Learn more about refrigerators.

Note: On some built-in units, the condenser coils are on top if the refrigerator.

To keep your stove looking like new, you need to replace the drip pans or bowls every two to three years. Once the drip pans or bowls are discolored, they're nearly impossible to get clean. Learn more about stoves.

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