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January 2009
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Can This Microwave be Saved?


Don’t let your microwave push you over the edge.

Follow our simple tips to help keep your microwave working without a hitch.  And if you do run into problems, don’t worry – just check out the repair help section of our website for basic solutions.  If your repair problem is more complicated, email the RepairGuru; chances are, he’ll know what to do.

It’s January, and the icy tundra of winter has set in. You’ve hunkered down in your home next to the fireplace with a sappy movie and your floppy-eared dog to keep you company.  All you need is some hot, buttery popcorn, to complete the scene.  You’re thinking: “No big deal – I’ll just throw it in the microwave!” But when you toss the popcorn package into the microwave and press the button, nothing happens.

You look over at the dog; she looks back at you.  You’re wondering what went wrong:

1.  There’s a lot of snow out there….maybe Big Foot made his way into your kitchen and sabotaged your microwave.
2.  Santa’s out of work now that the holidays are past, and he does like to tinker…
3. And then there’s that floppy-eared dog…

This is definitely a scenario you want to avoid! Microwaves are often overlooked when it comes to cleaning and maintenance.  After all, it’s easy to just close the door and ignore all the scum and food splatters that have built up inside. Here are some maintenance tips to help keep your microwave from that terrible fate, right when you need it the most:

Clean your microwave and filters frequently. Food particles and splatters absorb some of the microwave energy while the unit is operating and may cause burns and other damage to the microwave. You can clean the interior with soap and water or some diluted vinegar to help remove food odors. This also includes removing and cleaning the filters—you can put them in the dishwasher. If they are too damaged to clean, order new ones from our website. Heavy duty cleaners for the microwave oven are available below.

Surge Protection. Because microwave ovens have solid state circuitry inside, they’re susceptible to damage from voltage spikes caused by lightning, etc.  Our website recommends that you plug your microwave into an appropriate surge suppressor to protect the circuitry.  You can find these at your local Home Depot.

DON’T slam the door. Many microwaves have small plastic parts that make up the door interlock assembly, and slamming the door can break or misalign these components making the unit inoperable.
If your microwave oven does stop working, our staff recommends that you, the consumer, not dismantle it: "There are some high-voltage components inside the unit, so we don't advise the average consumer to attempt internal repairs. But we can offer some important use and safety tips, as well as provide the appliance parts that may need to be replaced."


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Go directly to the PartDetective® page, and narrow your search by making selections from the drop-down menus on the left.

If you have repair questions, go to the Repair Help tab at the top of the page.  Here you can learn how microwaves work, find troubleshooting tips to determine what is wrong with your microwave, and get answers to common questions, such as   “Why do some foods come out with tough spots?”

For customized repair help, email the RepairGuru® who is highly- trained in appliance repair.   In most cases, he will get back to you within a couple of days with a solution to your problem.

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In addition to free Microwave repair help, we stock Microwave parts for every major brand. Click your brand below, or visit the PartDetective for more options.

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