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June 2008 E-Newsletter
APPLIANCE FOCUS: Air Conditioners (Window and Through-Wall Units)
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Air Conditioner (Window Unit)

Air Conditioner

Appliance diagrams with descriptions are available in the Repair Help section of the web site.

1. Wait 10 minutes: Do not turn the air conditioner off and then back on right away.  Wait at least 10 minutes after shutting the unit off to allow the refrigerant gas pressure in the system to equalize.  This extends the compressor’s lifespan.

2. Take time to clean: Each month the air conditioner is in operation, clean or replace the air filter. Every year, clean the condenser coils (on the back of the unit) and the base of the air conditioner—which may require opening up the cabinet.  Although most moisture evaporates, some water may sit stagnant—developing mold and mildew.  NOTE: DO NOT drill a hole in the bottom of the unit to drain the condensate water—it helps cool the condenser coil.

3. Check the temperature: The difference in temperature between the room air coming into the unit and the cold air blowing out should be more than 15 degrees, any less and the unit may need cleaning or servicing.  Run the A/C all year long—if the temperature inside and out is warmer than 60 degrees.  If colder than 60 degrees, turn the unit off so the cooling coil does not freeze.


Try PartDetective Search Feature:
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Locate a part or help for your appliance.  Test it out by entering “air conditioner part” in the search box at the top of the page.  You go directly to PartDetective® photos showing the most common parts for air conditioners. Choose your brand to narrow the list further.

Go to the homepage and click on Repair Help.  Scroll down and choose Air Conditioners.  Learn how air conditioners work.  Find troubleshooting tips to determine what is wrong with your air conditioner.  Get answers to common questions, such as “What size unit do I need for my room?”

For customized repair help, start a dialogue online with the RepairGuru.  The RepairGuru staff is trained in many different aspects of appliance repair, and they offer basic repair help for your specific need.
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Air Conditioner Electrostatic Filter Cut-to-Fit
This universal filter fits most standard air conditioner window units.  Made of a durable, washable polypropylene material for extended use. ($12.50)
Window Air Conditioner Support Bracket
This easy-to-install universal air conditioner support bracket holds up to 80 pounds. It’s normal for the A/C unit to shake when being turned on or off.  A securely mounted unit in the window frame prevents accidents.  All units should be installed so they tilt slightly back to allow for proper removal of collected condensation. ($35.34)
Comb Set
Fin Comb Set: Six Combs on Handy Ring
These fin combs can be used to straighten the aluminum fins on air conditioner condenser and evaporator coils.  Handles 12 different sizes. ($9.85)
In addition to free Air Conditioner repair help, we stock Air Conditioner parts for every major brand. Click your brand below, or visit the PartDetective for more options.

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