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June 2009 Newsletter
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Cracking Up Over Your Icemaker?


Don’t let your icemaker push you over the edge.

Follow our simple tips to help keep your icemaker working without a hitch.  And if you do run into problems, don’t worry – just check out the repair help section of our website for basic solutions. 

If your repair problem is more complicated, email the RepairGuru;chances are, he’ll know what to do.

As your annual backyard party gets underway, you rush inside to get more ice, and once again, you’re forced to face those dreadful cracked plastic ice cube trays. That’s when you finally decide to draw the line—NO MORE!  You’re ready to splurge for a new icemaker!  (Unless, of course, your old icemaker can be easily fixed, and you could save some money.)  How do you decide?

If the icemaker seems to be in good physical condition, but the ice mold is still empty, you may have a frozen icemaker fill tube or a bad water inlet valve.  A hair dryer on low can be used to thaw a frozen fill tube, and if you determine the tube to be clear, a new inlet valve may do the trick.

If your icemaker leaks or the ice cubes are hollow, it may be a water flow problem due to a bad water inlet valve. Another source may be the self-tapping shutoff valves that are commonly used on house supply pipes for the icemaker water line. Replacing the self-tapping valve with a drill-style like this: Non-self piercing water valve can solve and prevent many icemakers issues.

4. If you notice that the ice mold is in bad shape, and the non-stick coating is peeling and corroded, it’s probably time for a new icemaker. In most cases, it’s more economical to replace the complete icemaker assembly than to replace a major component like the mold.

If your icemaker can be saved, go to the Repairclinic.com site and find the parts you need; if it can’t be saved, enter the model number of your fridge so you can find the replacement icemaker you need.  You can also find lots of repair help on the website, so you can install the icemaker or parts yourself and save some money.

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If you have repair questions, go to the Repair Help tab at the top of the page. Here you can learn how icemakers work, find troubleshooting tips to determine what is wrong with your icemaker, and get answers to common questions, such as: “Why do my ice cubes smell/taste bad?”

For customized repair help, email the RepairGuru® who is highly- trained in appliance repair.   In most cases, he will get back to you within a couple of days with a solution to your problem.

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