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On many refrigerators, there is a set of condenser coils underneath or behind the unit that are cooled by a condenser fan motor. If these coils get packed with dirt, the refrigerator will not cool properly.

Go here to order a brush for cleaning the condenser coils.

June 2010 Newsletter

Swimming, hiking, tennis and gardening…it’s time to enjoy the beautiful outdoors! Before you know it, you’ve worked up a healthy appetite for some delicious food.  The first thing you do is check to see what’s in the fridge.  Chicken, yogurt, vegetables, beef…what’s this?  Ice crystals! Something’s obviously wrong with your refrigerator.  What can you do?

1. First, make sure the refrigerator temperature setting is correct – did someone (maybe one of your children) change the setting to a lower temperature? Check your manufacturer’s manual for details about where to set the control on your fridge.

2. If the setting looks right, find out what the actual temperature is inside your fridge – use a thermometer like this one to get an accurate reading. The RepairGurus at RepairClinic recommend keeping the temperature in your fridge somewhere between 35 and 42 degrees.

3. If the temperature reads closer to 32 degrees, try turning the control up slightly and see if the temperature rises, using the thermometer to determine the actual temperature.  If the temperature doesn’t change when you adjust the thermostat, you probably have a defective thermostat.  If so, you need to replace the thermostat; it can’t be repaired.

4. Sometimes there are cold spots inside your fridge, usually on the lower shelves.  If you find that the temperature varies from shelf to shelf, try putting produce and other sensitive products on a higher shelf.

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Refrigerator Thermometer
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Universal Water Filter
Universal Water Filter
10-inch water filter. Improves taste of drinking water and clarity of ice. Push-on fittings. Order "Icemaker Installation Kit, Copper" for first time installation.
Fridge Aid
Fridge Aid Freezer and Refrigerator Air Cleaner
Keeps ice cubes fresh by removing odors. Contains high-absorbency activated charcoal. Lasts up to one year.
Freezer Alarm
Freezer Alarm
Signal sounds at, +15 degrees F / -9.5 degrees C. Battery and instructions included.
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