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October 2008
APPLIANCE FOCUS: Washing Machine
Here to Help!

Appliances on the Edge

Can You Just Level with Me?

Don’t let your washing machine push you over the edge.

Follow our simple tips to help keep your washer working without a hitch. 

And if you do run into problems, don’t worry — just check out the repair help section of our website for basic solutions. If your repair problem is more complicated, email the RepairGuru; chances are, he’ll know what to do.

I’m getting ready for dinner, when I hear this overwhelming rumbling noise—the house is shaking!  I try to imagine what it could be:

•  The city has finally decided to bulldoze my property because of my 4-year-old’s refusal to pick up his toys from the sidewalk.
•  My boss is so impressed with my recent performance; he’s sending a private helicopter to take me to the annual sales meeting.

Then I realize it’s coming from the laundry room…
Oh, NO! Can’t I get just ONE appliance that works?  As I round the corner, I can see that my washing machine is doing some sort of “dance”.   I run over and switch it to the OFF position.  But, now what?  

Here’s what my favorite website tells me to do:

A washer can vibrate strongly during the spin cycle--it needs to be leveled.  So try this:

•  First, adjust the front legs to the proper height and tighten the lock nut up against the body of the machine to keep the leg from rotating. The legs should be secured but screwed up inside the machine as far as possible to lower the center of gravity of the entire unit to reduce chances of the machine “dancing”.  
•  If the machine has "self-adjusting" rear legs, tilt the entire machine forward onto its front legs (with the rear legs 3 to 4 inches off the floor) and then set the machine back down, and the legs should adjust automatically.
If the rear legs won’t budge, you may need to tilt the machine forward and rap on the rear legs with the handle of a hammer to loosen them—this may require help.


Try New PartDetective Feature:
Get Repair Help:
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Enter washing machine part in the search box at the top of the page.  Click on the search button, and you will be taken to PartDetective photos—showing the most common parts for washing machines.  

Choose your brand to narrow the list further; then click on the Repair Help tab at the top of the page.  Click on washing machine under the washing machine drawing.  Here you can learn how washing machines work, find troubleshooting tips to determine what is wrong with your washer, and get answers to common questions, such as  “How do I know how many clothes to put in the washer? ”

For customized repair help, click in the questions section where it says: “ Email the RepairGuru for help with your specific problem.”   The RepairGuru staff is highly trained in appliance repair, and in most cases, will get back to you within a couple of days with a solution to your problem.

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In addition to free Washing Machine repair help, we stock Washing Machine parts for every major brand. Click your brand below, or visit the PartDetective for more options.

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