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Message from the RepairGuru®

Welcome to the November 2006 edition of the RepairClinic.com newsletter. As we rake up the last leaves of autumn many of us are already beginning to plan for the upcoming holiday season. The fall conjures up thoughts of pumpkins and frost and traditional holiday feasts. RepairGuru, Chris Zeisler suggests that before you put your menu together, you should perform a quick operational check on your electric stove/range/oven.

Chris Zeisler Helps Keep the Holidays Cooking

Chris Zeisler
With almost twenty-five years of appliance repair knowledge and experience under his belt - seven of those with RepairClinic.com - Chris is a highly valued member of the RepairGuru team. Chris is the go-to-guy for those customer repair questions that are off the beaten track.

In our conversation with Chris we tried to uncover tips and suggestions that will help keep all of our electric cooking appliances in good working order - and ensure that at the least the food will go off according to plan this holiday season.

What troubleshooting tips do you have for folks whose electric stove, range or oven seems to be acting up?
Many people contact us with questions about uneven baking or a special dish that takes longer to cook than the recipe called for. The first thing they should do is to check the actual temperature of their oven with a separate thermometer. If you set the oven thermostat to 350° F, the oven should heat to between 325° and 375°. In most cases it is considered acceptable if the actual temperature is within 25° of the set temperature. Here is a good thermometer for this purpose. It is often possible to adjust the thermostat knob or to recalibrate the electronic range control if the oven is not reaching the right temperature. Visit the range/stove/oven section of our website for more help.

What is one of the most challenging things about diagnosing electric stove problems?
With electric appliances you cannot assume the part that appears to be malfunctioning is the part that's broken. The problem might be in a different part of the stove. A wiring problem can prevent a burner from working properly, and a broken surface burner switch can cause the same symptom. It's important to check all of the components involved to pinpoint the source of the problem and not jump to an incorrect conclusion.

From your years of experience, give us an example of an unusual problem?
This is the holiday season, when most people do a lot more cooking and baking, so when something goes wrong there is more urgency to fix or solve the problem. Take it from a technician who has seen it more than once; don't run a self-cleaning cycle for at least a week before a holiday or special event. It is not uncommon for problems to arise during a cleaning cycle, due to the extra stresses that are placed on the appliance. If this happens right before a big event there may not be time to resolve the issue.

Three Tips of the Month

The Electric Oven Doesn't Bake Evenly
Food cooks on top but the bottom isn't done - There could be several reasons why food is not cooking uniformly in either an electric or gas oven. Many electric ovens use the broil element, located at the top of the oven during the preheat phase and bake cycles. So the food may be getting heated only by the broil element, which causes poor baking results. If the bake element is burned out, replacing it should solve the problem. Otherwise, you need to further troubleshoot the oven's electrical system to locate the defective wire or component.
For additional potential causes of uneven baking see the stove/oven/range repair help for your specific oven type.

A Burner Doesn't Work
The electric heating element may be burned out - Sometimes, when an element burns out, you can see that the coil burns in two, or blisters and bubbles. When your heating element burns out, you must replace it because they are not repairable. Often, when the heating element burns out, the switch that controls it also fails; so you may have to replace it also.

How to Clean Your Smooth Cook-top
Clean spills as soon as possible - The glass cook-top surface should be completely cool before cleaning, and should be scraped free of burned on crust by using a scraping blade. Once any burned on food is removed, use a ceramic cook top cleaner to finish the cleaning. Shake the cleaner well, apply a moderate amount to the surface of the cook top and rub the cleaner with a paper towel or rag. Never use any abrasive cleaners that would scratch your glass or ceramic cook top and avoid using scrubbing pads that aren't specifically designed for cleaning glass cook-tops.


One Million Customers and Counting

RepairClinic.com is proud to announce that we will soon reach a huge milestone. In December, we will serve our millionth customer. We greatly appreciate that we have become the appliance parts supplier of choice for you and One Million other customers.

  • To show our appreciation we are planning a special prize give-away coming on December 7.
  • Look for a special edition newsletter on December 5th or 6th that will explain the winner selection process - and the prize.

Thank you for helping us to reach this incredible milestone. We look forward to serving your appliance repair needs in the future.


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