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Don't run the self-cleaning cycle less than one week before a major cooking event, such as a big holiday meal. Ovens often fail during and just after a self-cleaning cycle. You may need time for a repair if this happens to you.

Prior to starting the self-cleaning cycle, loosen up large particles in the oven with a damp rag and a plastic spatula. The oven temperature reaches 800 to 900 degrees during self cleaning, and the oven door will remain locked for several hours afterward. If the door does not open, do not force it. You may need to call for service.

Remember to open a window in the kitchen or run an externally vented exhaust fan while self cleaning because the process produces lots of smoke and fumes. And, gas ovens produce elevated levels of carbon monoxide during cleaning.

If your gas oven is slow to ignite and the temperature is inaccurate, the igniter may be too weak to open the gas valve properly. Even though the igniter may glow red, it must reach a certain temperature to be effective. If you have this problem, use the Part Detective to find the right replacement igniter for your oven.

If either the bake or broil heating element on your electric oven burns out, replace it now in time for holiday cooking. Normally, a bake or broil heating element can be replaced from inside of oven. There's usually no need to pull the oven away from the wall or to take off any complicated panels. Be sure to unplug the oven and get some help if necessary. To order a heating element for your range, use the PartDetective.

Spruce up your range top with new drip pans and burners. Use our PartDetective to find the exact replacement drip pans and burners for your range. Or, check out our range/stove/oven accessories section for universal replacement drip pans and burners.

You can clean any porcelain stovetop or glass range/oven control panel with a non-abrasive cleanser or glass cleaner. Watch out for some "cream type" cleansers as they often have tiny abrasive particles in them, which can damage your stovetop or control panel. RepairClinic.com recommends Appliance Polish & Cleaner for safe cleaning.

Now's a good time to clean your refrigerator's door seals so they don't stick to the door frame and tear. Use an old toothbrush and a little dish soap and water to clean all the nooks and crannies. Use a bit of diluted bleach to clean away any mold or mildew.

To reduce odors inside your refrigerator and freezer, be sure to cover all foods well and put onions, garlic and other strong-smelling foods in sealed bags. RepairClinic.com also suggests Fridge Aid, a high-quality activated charcoal air filter, to help combat odors. Fridge Aid fights odors for a full year.

Most frost-free refrigerators have a set of coils underneath called the condenser. Because these coils must remain clean for efficient cooling, we recommend you clean them once a year - more often if you have pets that shed. You'll need a condenser brush to complete this chore. Here's one the RepairGuru recommends.

If your dishwasher isn't getting the dishes as clean as it should, there may not be enough water entering the machine during the fill cycle. After the dishwasher fills, check inside to see if there is water covering the entire bottom of the dishwasher floor. If not, replace the water inlet valve. You can order the one for your dishwasher using the PartDetective.

Also, repair your worn dishwasher rack tines to prevent rust pieces from ruining the pump.

Before making a repair, be sure to clean up the rusted spots on the dishwasher rack with household sandpaper to make the repair last much longer. Repair kits for light blue and white tines are available in our dishwasher accessories section. If you can't repair the rack times, you should replace the entire rack to avoid more costly repairs down the road. Use our PartDetective to find the right rack for your dishwasher.

Cleaning the outside of your dishwasher is easy. Just use a damp sponge and a little dish detergent to wipe the exterior clean.

What's new at RepairClinic.com?
New warehouse and walk-in parts counter now open!

RepairClinic.com's new 60,000 square-foot parts distribution center, including a walk-in parts counter, is now open in Canton, Mich. The parts counter conveniently serves Washtenaw, Livingston, Western Wayne and Southwestern Oakland counties.

New RCC Building

The building is located at 48600 Michigan Avenue, Canton, Mich. It is on the north side of Michigan Avenue, one quarter mile west of Beck Road. The parts counter is open Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 6 p.m. and Saturday from 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Check out what's ON SALE NOW
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Use an electronic meat thermometer for safe holiday cooking. RepairClinic.com recommends Polder's high-quality, automatic, timer/electronic meat thermometer to ensure safe cooking. It takes the guesswork out of cooking turkey, ham and other meats and also works great for testing soup and stew temperatures. The meat thermometer is on sale through November 21. Get yours here.
- Ben Franklin proposed the wild turkey as the national symbol instead of the bald eagle.
- Male turkeys are called toms. Females are hens. Baby turkeys are called poults.
- The heaviest turkey ever raised was 86 pounds, about the size of a large dog.
- It takes 75 pounds of feed to raise a thirty-pound turkey.
- About forty-five million turkeys will be eaten this Thanksgiving.
- Eating turkey on Thanksgiving does not cause you to feel sleepy after your meal. Carbohydrates are more likely the cause.
Check out our appliance maintenance calendar to see what needs to be done and when.
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