GE Oven Self Cleaning Problem


The 4 most common part(s) or condition(s) which cause the symptom Oven self cleaning problem are listed below starting with the most likely. Check or test each item and watch any available videos.

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Door Lock Motor and Switch Assembly - Part # 1536423 Mfg Part # WB14T10071

Door Lock Motor and Switch Assembly

RepairClinic Item # 1536423

For an oven self cleaning problem, the first thing to check is the door lock motor and switch assembly. Every self cleaning oven door has a locking mechanism to prevent the door from being opened during the cleaning cycle. An oven self cleaning problem often happens after a clean cycle has been run. If that happens, help may be needed to help figure out how to repair or replace the door lock motor and switch assembly because often the door is locked in the closed position. Manufacturers normally design the lock mechanism so that the door can be opened by removing certain screws or panels.

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Oven Control Board - Part # 1262890 Mfg Part # WB27T10911

Oven Control Board

RepairClinic Item # 1262890

The oven control board has a set of relays that turn on and off power to the bake and broil circuits according to the customer settings and sensor input. An oven self-cleaning problem is sometimes caused by one of the heating components. However, if the oven control board is bad, it might not send voltage to the heating components. To determine what is causing the oven self-cleaning problem, first test the simpler components in the circuit. The oven control board can't be tested easily and will have to be replaced if it is defective.

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Oven Thermostat

RepairClinic Item # 1473771

If there is an oven self cleaning problem the cause is often a defective oven thermostat. The oven thermostat regulates the self cleaning temperature and also provides the electrical current necessary to power the heating circuit. It is fairly common for the oven thermostat to work properly for baking and broiling but not for cleaning. The oven thermostat can't be tested easily, and if it's defective it will need to be replaced.

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Thermal Fuse - Part # 911014 Mfg Part # WB24T10060

Thermal Fuse

RepairClinic Item # 911014

Although not as common, with an oven self cleaning problem the thermal fuse may have blown. The thermal fuse is designed to protect the appliance and help to prevent a fire. If the oven gets too hot, this fuse trips. The thermal fuse is not resettable and will have to be replaced. It can be checked for continuity. If it has continuity, it's OK.


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