Jenn Air Range Surface Element Won't Turn Off


The 4 most common part(s) or condition(s) which cause the symptom Range surface element won't turn off are listed below starting with the most likely. Check or test each item and watch any available videos.

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Surface Element Switch

If the surface element won't turn off, the surface element switch is probably defective. When the switch fails it often fuses internal contacts together, and then the surface element won't turn off. The only solution is to replace the surface element switch, they can't be tested or repaired.

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Coil Surface Element

If the surface element won't turn off, the coil surface element might be shorted out. If there is any kind of break, crack, or hole in the coil surface element, replace the element. If the coil surface element won't turn off it can cause a burn hazard, disconnect power to the stove until the element is repaired.

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Radiant Surface Element

If you're radiant surface element won't turn off it may have an electrical short circuit. If this happens, the radiant surface element will need to be replaced, they are not repairable.

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Solid Surface Element

If the solid surface element won't turn off, the solid surface element might be at fault. Although the switch is usually the defective part in this situation, it's possible that the solid surface element has short circuited. If this is the problem, replace the solid surface element, they are not repairable. Inside the steel outer shell is a heating element - similar to a light bulb, that provides the heat. Sometimes these short out halfway through the element which causes them to stay on.

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