Amana Refrigerator Freezing Food


The 2 most common part(s) or condition(s) which cause the symptom Refrigerator freezing food are listed below starting with the most likely. Check or test each item and watch any available videos.

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Temperature Control Thermostat - Part # 126964 Mfg Part # C8946703

Temperature Control Thermostat

RepairClinic Item # 126964

If the refrigerator is freezing food the temperature control thermostat might be defective. The thermostat allows power to flow through to the compressor, evaporator fan and condenser fan. Try rotating the temperature control thermostat all the way from stop to stop and listen for a click. If a click is heard the thermostat is probably OK. If not, remove the thermostat and check it for continuity. It should have continuity when it's calling for cooling.

Grid is 1 inch square
Damper Control Assembly - Part # 223353 Mfg Part # R0161050

Damper Control Assembly

RepairClinic Item # 223353

If the refrigerator is freezing food the air damper control might be stuck open or broken. The damper is either an automatic or manually operated door which opens and closes to let more or less cold air into the refrigerator compartment. If it doesn't open properly it will let too much cold air into the refrigerator.


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