Maytag Washer is Making Loud Noise


The 2 most common part(s) or condition(s) which cause the symptom Washer is making loud noise are listed below starting with the most likely. Check or test each item and watch any available videos.

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Drain Pump - Part # 2392433 Mfg Part # W10536347

Drain Pump

RepairClinic Item # 2392433

If the washer is making a loud noise the drain pump might be going bad or might have something caught in it. Remove the drain pump from the washer and inspect it carefully. Look for anything that might be caught in it, a piece of wire, plastic, etc. If nothing is wrong with the pump, but it's still noisy it will have to be replaced.


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Grid is 1 inch square
Water Inlet Valve - Part # 1878924 Mfg Part # W10371507

Water Inlet Valve

RepairClinic Item # 1878924

If the washer is noisy or loud, particularly when the washer is filling, the water inlet valve may be at fault. The noise can be caused by a restriction in the valve from mineral deposits. If it is the water inlet valve that's loud during the fill cycle it will need to be replaced. It is not safe to take apart these valves as they can fail and flood after disassembly.

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