Westinghouse Washer Leaking Water


The 5 most common part(s) or condition(s) which cause the symptom Washer leaking water are listed below starting with the most likely. Check or test each item and watch any available videos.

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Drain Pump - Part # 638309 Mfg Part # 5303937149

Drain Pump

RepairClinic Item # 638309

If the washer is leaking water the drain pump might have a hole or crack. Or, the bearings might be worn out. Replace the drain pump if it is leaking water, they're not repairable.


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Tub Seal and Bearing Kit - Part # 608587 Mfg Part # 5300137158

Tub Seal and Bearing Kit

RepairClinic Item # 608587

If the washer is leaking water the tub seal and bearing kit might need to be replace. This is usually a very involved repair and will require disassembling most of the washer.


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Door Boot Seal - Part # 262 Mfg Part # 5303261132

Door Boot Seal

RepairClinic Item # 262

If the washer is leaking water the front door boot seal might have a tear or rip and is letting water leak past. The boot seal can be replaced. This part can tear when the washer is overloaded. This is common repair.


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Tub to Pump Hose

RepairClinic Item # 616876

If the washer is leaking water the hose from the tub to the pump might be split or torn. Don't try to cut off the bad piece of hose and stretch it to fit the pump, this will put strain on the remainder of the hose and may cause a sudden and complete failure of the hose which will dump potentially hundreds or thousands of gallons of water onto the floor because the next time the washer tries to fill all of the water will end up on the floor and so the washer will never shut off the valve. Any time there is a damaged hose, replace it completely with the OEM part.


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Washing Machine Fill Hose - Part # 3017472 Mfg Part # 5304490736

Washing Machine Fill Hose

RepairClinic Item # 3017472

If the washer is leaking water, check the fill hoses on the back of the washer, this is the most common place for water to leak. If the washer still has the original black rubber fill hoses replace them with stainless steel or some other, more durable hose.

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