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Samsung Dehumidifier Parts

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Picture Unavailable

Cover-holder sensor

RepairClinic Item # 2055526

Manufacturer Number DB63-01642A

Picture Unavailable


RepairClinic Item # 2056376

Manufacturer Number DB64-01682A

Picture Unavailable


RepairClinic Item # 2056378

Manufacturer Number DB64-01686A

Picture Unavailable


RepairClinic Item # 2057320

Manufacturer Number DB67-00772A

Grid is 1 inch square
Connector Assembly - Part # 2057321 Mfg Part # DB67-00776A

Connector Assembly

RepairClinic Item # 2057321

Drain connector

Manufacturer Number DB67-00776A


Picture Unavailable


RepairClinic Item # 2057323

Manufacturer Number DB67-00792A

Picture Unavailable

Bag pe

RepairClinic Item # 2057524

Manufacturer Number DB69-00076B

  • Replaces Part Number DB69-00076B
Picture Unavailable


RepairClinic Item # 2057594

Manufacturer Number DB69-00841G

Picture Unavailable


RepairClinic Item # 2057675

Manufacturer Number DB69-01625A

Picture Unavailable


RepairClinic Item # 2057676

Manufacturer Number DB69-01626A

Picture Unavailable

Packing case

RepairClinic Item # 2057679

Manufacturer Number DB69-01673A

Picture Unavailable

Pad-packing bottom

RepairClinic Item # 2057682

Manufacturer Number DB69-01678A

Picture Unavailable


RepairClinic Item # 2057967

Manufacturer Number DB71-50015B

  • Replaces Part Number DB71-50015B
Picture Unavailable

Assy base

RepairClinic Item # 2059336

Manufacturer Number DB90-02888A

Picture Unavailable


RepairClinic Item # 2059337

Manufacturer Number DB90-02893A

Picture Unavailable

Assy grille-front

RepairClinic Item # 2060242

Manufacturer Number DB92-00876A

Picture Unavailable

Assy grille-rear

RepairClinic Item # 2060245

Manufacturer Number DB92-00881A

Picture Unavailable

Assy control-box

RepairClinic Item # 2062235

Manufacturer Number DB93-04438A

Picture Unavailable

Assy connector wire-comp

RepairClinic Item # 2062275

Manufacturer Number DB93-04549B

Picture Unavailable

Main Control Board

RepairClinic Item # 2062280

Assy pcb main

Manufacturer Number DB93-04560A

Picture Unavailable

Assy lead wire-pcb/capacitor

RepairClinic Item # 2062281

Manufacturer Number DB93-04565A

Picture Unavailable

Assy power cord

RepairClinic Item # 2062285

Manufacturer Number DB93-04596A

Picture Unavailable

Assy-pcb humidity

RepairClinic Item # 2062340

Manufacturer Number DB93-04742A

Picture Unavailable

Assy-sensor humidity

RepairClinic Item # 2064342

Manufacturer Number DB95-01036A

Picture Unavailable

Assy-thermistor cond

RepairClinic Item # 2064353

Manufacturer Number DB95-01085A

Picture Unavailable

Assy evap

RepairClinic Item # 2066052

Manufacturer Number DB96-06571A

Picture Unavailable

Assy cond

RepairClinic Item # 2066055

Manufacturer Number DB96-06580A

Picture Unavailable

Assy-label barcode

RepairClinic Item # 2067559

Manufacturer Number DB98-05714A

  • Replaces Part Number DB98-05714A
Picture Unavailable

Assy-diagram electric

RepairClinic Item # 2067878

Manufacturer Number DB98-26878A

Picture Unavailable

Assy-manual users

RepairClinic Item # 2067879

Manufacturer Number DB98-27297A

Picture Unavailable

Assy-label rating

RepairClinic Item # 2067880

Manufacturer Number DB98-27389A

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Showing 51-81 of 81 parts
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