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Quasar Air Conditioner Unknown part type Parts

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Picture Unavailable

Conductor asm awg18, ul10

RepairClinic Item # 1292600

Picture Unavailable

Base assy,single

RepairClinic Item # 1293926

Picture Unavailable

Cabinet assy,single

RepairClinic Item # 1295654

Picture Unavailable


RepairClinic Item # 1305347


Manufacturer Number 3530A10132A

  • Quasar Air Conditioner Grille
Picture Unavailable


RepairClinic Item # 1305349


Manufacturer Number 3530A10133A

  • LG Air Conditioner Grille
  • Panasonic Air Conditioner Grille
  • Quasar Air Conditioner Grille
Picture Unavailable


RepairClinic Item # 1306536


Manufacturer Number 3550A20026A

  • Goldstar Air Conditioner Cover
  • Kenmore Air Conditioner Cover
  • LG Air Conditioner Cover
  • Panasonic Air Conditioner Cover
  • Quasar Air Conditioner Cover
Picture Unavailable


RepairClinic Item # 1308277

Picture Unavailable

Fan Motor

RepairClinic Item # 1330085

Motor assembly,single

Manufacturer Number 4681A10012P

  • LG Air Conditioner Fan Motor
  • Panasonic Air Conditioner Fan Motor
  • Quasar Air Conditioner Fan Motor
Picture Unavailable


RepairClinic Item # 1332740


Manufacturer Number 4800A30003A

  • Goldstar Air Conditioner Brace
  • Hampton Bay Air Conditioner Brace
  • LG Air Conditioner Brace
  • Panasonic Air Conditioner Brace
  • Quasar Air Conditioner Brace
  • Whirlpool Air Conditioner Brace
Picture Unavailable


RepairClinic Item # 1332824

Picture Unavailable


RepairClinic Item # 1336277

Knob assembly

Manufacturer Number 4941A20002A

  • LG Air Conditioner Knob
  • Panasonic Air Conditioner Knob
  • Quasar Air Conditioner Knob
Picture Unavailable


RepairClinic Item # 1336345


Manufacturer Number 4948A10007A

  • Goldstar Air Conditioner Orifice
  • Hampton Bay Air Conditioner Orifice
  • Kenmore Air Conditioner Orifice
  • LG Air Conditioner Orifice
  • Panasonic Air Conditioner Orifice
  • Quasar Air Conditioner Orifice
  • Whirlpool Air Conditioner Orifice
Picture Unavailable


RepairClinic Item # 1338998


Manufacturer Number 4986U-L001G

  • GE Air Conditioner Gasket
  • Goldstar Air Conditioner Gasket
  • Kenmore Air Conditioner Gasket
  • Kenmore Dehumidifier Gasket
  • LG Air Conditioner Gasket
  • Panasonic Air Conditioner Gasket
  • Quasar Air Conditioner Gasket
  • Whirlpool Air Conditioner Gasket
  • Replaces Part Number 4986UL001G
Picture Unavailable

Control box,single

RepairClinic Item # 1339167

Picture Unavailable

Control box assy,single

RepairClinic Item # 1339478

Picture Unavailable

Inner Door Panel

RepairClinic Item # 1340131


Manufacturer Number 4998A10008A

  • Goldstar Air Conditioner Inner Door Panel
  • Hampton Bay Air Conditioner Inner Door Panel
  • Kenmore Air Conditioner Inner Door Panel
  • LG Air Conditioner Inner Door Panel
  • Panasonic Air Conditioner Inner Door Panel
  • Quasar Air Conditioner Inner Door Panel
  • Whirlpool Air Conditioner Inner Door Panel
Picture Unavailable

Nut terminal cover/ga-061

RepairClinic Item # 1340896

Picture Unavailable

Holder-pc ja ga-1013lc

RepairClinic Item # 1340939

Picture Unavailable

Tube,capillary bend

RepairClinic Item # 1343849

Picture Unavailable

Tube assy,suction single

RepairClinic Item # 1344000

Picture Unavailable

Tube assy,evaporator in

RepairClinic Item # 1344008

Picture Unavailable

Air Filter

RepairClinic Item # 1345266


Manufacturer Number 5231AR2148H

  • LG Air Conditioner Air Filter
  • Panasonic Air Conditioner Air Filter
  • Quasar Air Conditioner Air Filter
Picture Unavailable

Air guide assy

RepairClinic Item # 1345449

Picture Unavailable

Condenser assy,first

RepairClinic Item # 1346234

Picture Unavailable

Evaporator assy,first

RepairClinic Item # 1346494

Picture Unavailable

Drier assembly

RepairClinic Item # 1347836

Picture Unavailable

Fan Blade

RepairClinic Item # 1347958


Manufacturer Number 5900A20005A

  • Goldstar Air Conditioner Fan Blade
  • Kenmore Air Conditioner Fan Blade
  • LG Air Conditioner Fan Blade
  • Panasonic Air Conditioner Fan Blade
  • Quasar Air Conditioner Fan Blade
Picture Unavailable

Conductor assy

RepairClinic Item # 1354595

Picture Unavailable

Lead wire assy

RepairClinic Item # 1364076

Picture Unavailable

Switch, rotary

RepairClinic Item # 1372591


Picture Unavailable

Clamp capacitor mj/ga-1014lcm

RepairClinic Item # 1372846


Picture Unavailable

Compressor set,korea

RepairClinic Item # 1573129

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