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Sharp Microwave Model R-820BK (R820BK, R 820BK) Parts

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Grid is 1 inch square
Waveguide Cover - Part # 1914059 Mfg Part # PCOVPA339WRE0

Waveguide Cover

RepairClinic Item # 1914059

Wave guide cover

Manufacturer Number PCOVPA339WRE0

  • Replaces Part Number PCOVPA339WREO

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Grid is 1 inch square
LED Board - Part # 1914128 Mfg Part # PSHEPA626WRE0

LED Board

RepairClinic Item # 1914128

LED display sheet, orange/yellow

Manufacturer Number PSHEPA626WRE0

  • Replaces Part Number PSHEPA626WREO

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Grid is 1 inch square
Inner Door Panel - Part # 1913443 Mfg Part # DDORFA857WRK0

Inner Door Panel

RepairClinic Item # 1913443

Inner door panel assembly

Manufacturer Number DDORFA857WRK0

  • Replaces Part Number DDORFA857WRKO
Grid is 1 inch square
Control  Panel - Part # 1913449 Mfg Part # DPNLCB494WRK0

Control Panel

RepairClinic Item # 1913449

Control panel with key unit

Manufacturer Number DPNLCB494WRK0

  • Replaces Part Number DPNLCB494WRKO
Grid is 1 inch square
Lever - Part # 1913974 Mfg Part # MLEVPA226WRF0


RepairClinic Item # 1913974

Behind button lever

Manufacturer Number MLEVPA226WRF0

  • Replaces Part Number MLEVPA226WRFO
Grid is 1 inch square
Main Control Board - Part # 2024556 Mfg Part # DPWBFC535WRUZ

Main Control Board

RepairClinic Item # 2024556

Power control board

Manufacturer Number DPWBFC535WRUZ

  • Replaces Part Number DPWBFB794WRKO
  • Replaces Part Number DPWBFB794WRK0
Grid is 1 inch square
Leveling Leg - Part # 1913825 Mfg Part # GLEGPA074WRE0

Leveling Leg

RepairClinic Item # 1913825


Manufacturer Number GLEGPA074WRE0

  • Replaces Part Number GLEGPA074WREO
Grid is 1 inch square
Door Hook - Part # 1913949 Mfg Part # LSTPPA176WRF0

Door Hook

RepairClinic Item # 1913949

Double door hook latch

Manufacturer Number LSTPPA176WRF0

  • Replaces Part Number LSTPPA176WRFO
Grid is 1 inch square
Panel - Part # 1914142 Mfg Part # PSLDHA140WRW0


RepairClinic Item # 1914142

Convection thermal cover

Manufacturer Number PSLDHA140WRW0

  • Replaces Part Number PSLDHA140WRWO
Picture Unavailable

Display board

RepairClinic Item # 1032701

Manufacturer Number CPWBFA791WRK0

  • Replaces Part Number CPWBFA791WRKO
Picture Unavailable

Outer Door Glass

RepairClinic Item # 1262054

Front door glass

Manufacturer Number PGLSPA514WRE0


Picture Unavailable


RepairClinic Item # 1913991

Spring, door hook

Manufacturer Number MSPRTA187WRE0

  • Replaces Part Number MSPRTA187WREO
Picture Unavailable

Front door glass

RepairClinic Item # 1914099

Manufacturer Number PGLSPA513WRE0

  • Replaces Part Number PGLSPA513WREO
Grid is 1 inch square
Turntable Motor - Part # 1914214 Mfg Part # RMOTDA188WRE0

Turntable Motor

RepairClinic Item # 1914214

Turntable motor

Manufacturer Number RMOTDA188WRE0


Picture Unavailable

Drive Motor

RepairClinic Item # 1914219


Manufacturer Number RMOTDA231WRE0

  • Replaces Part Number RMOTDA231WREO
Picture Unavailable

Motor, mag cooling

RepairClinic Item # 1914228

Manufacturer Number RMOTEA370WRE0

  • Replaces Part Number RMOTEA370WREO
Picture Unavailable

Motor, convection circulation

RepairClinic Item # 1914229

Manufacturer Number RMOTEA372WRE0

  • Replaces Part Number RMOTEA372WREO

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Showing 1-17 of 17 parts
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