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JC Penney Unknown part type Parts

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Picture Unavailable

Agt asm

RepairClinic Item # 280445


Picture Unavailable

Filter ring

RepairClinic Item # 280782


Picture Unavailable


RepairClinic Item # 281205


Picture Unavailable


RepairClinic Item # 282538


Manufacturer Number WJ20X614

  • GE Air Conditioner Capacitor
  • Hotpoint Air Conditioner Capacitor


Picture Unavailable

Switch 3 pb

RepairClinic Item # 282931


Picture Unavailable

Blower id

RepairClinic Item # 285556


Picture Unavailable

Hinge brkt

RepairClinic Item # 292186


Grid is 1 inch square
Hinge brkt - Part # 292187 Mfg Part # WR13X495

Hinge brkt

RepairClinic Item # 292187


Picture Unavailable

Hinge rh

RepairClinic Item # 292222


Picture Unavailable

Hinge lh

RepairClinic Item # 292223


Picture Unavailable

Center hinge

RepairClinic Item # 292246


Picture Unavailable

Gasket pan

RepairClinic Item # 292798


Picture Unavailable

Door Shelf Bin

RepairClinic Item # 295495

Door shelf

Manufacturer Number WR17X5688

  • JC Penney Refrigerator Door Shelf Bin
  • Replaces Part Number WR17X5684
  • Replaces Part Number WR17X5685
  • Replaces Part Number WR71X1337
  • Replaces Part Number WR71X1343
  • Replaces Part Number WR71X1344
  • Replaces Part Number WR71X1345
  • Replaces Part Number WR71X5771
  • Replaces Part Number WR71X5772
  • Replaces Part Number WR71X5774
  • Replaces Part Number WR71X5775
  • Replaces Part Number WR71X5778
  • Replaces Part Number WR71X5783
  • Replaces Part Number WR71X5784
  • Replaces Part Number WR71X5785
  • Replaces Part Number WR71X5819
  • Replaces Part Number WR71X5820
  • Replaces Part Number WR71X5821
  • Replaces Part Number WR71X5823
  • Replaces Part Number WR71X5840
  • Replaces Part Number WR71X5841


Picture Unavailable

Front wheel

RepairClinic Item # 296539


Picture Unavailable

Support post

RepairClinic Item # 296885


Grid is 1 inch square
Shelf Support - Part # 296897 Mfg Part # WR2X4897

Shelf Support

RepairClinic Item # 296897


Manufacturer Number WR2X4897

  • GE Refrigerator Shelf Support
  • Hotpoint Refrigerator Shelf Support
  • JC Penney Refrigerator Shelf Support
  • Replaces Part Number WR2X3997
  • Replaces Part Number WR2X4018


Grid is 1 inch square
End Cap - Part # 297023 Mfg Part # WR2X5195

End Cap

RepairClinic Item # 297023

End cap

Manufacturer Number WR2X5195

  • Hotpoint Freezer End Cap
  • Hotpoint Refrigerator End Cap
  • JC Penney Refrigerator End Cap


Picture Unavailable

Rear roller

RepairClinic Item # 297024


Picture Unavailable

Shim .031

RepairClinic Item # 297325


Picture Unavailable

Foam strip

RepairClinic Item # 297564


Picture Unavailable

Door dairy

RepairClinic Item # 299747


Picture Unavailable

Power Switch

RepairClinic Item # 300052

Power switch

Manufacturer Number WR23X179

  • GE Refrigerator Power Switch
  • Hotpoint Refrigerator Power Switch
  • JC Penney Refrigerator Power Switch
  • Kenmore Refrigerator Power Switch
  • RCA Refrigerator Power Switch
  • Replaces Part Number WR23X5120


Picture Unavailable


RepairClinic Item # 300275


Manufacturer Number WR23X5027

  • Hotpoint Refrigerator Switch
  • JC Penney Refrigerator Switch


Picture Unavailable

Gasket ff door

RepairClinic Item # 300673


Picture Unavailable

Ice tray

RepairClinic Item # 301381


Picture Unavailable

Drain Pan

RepairClinic Item # 302155

Drain pan

Manufacturer Number WR32X493

  • GE Refrigerator Drain Pan
  • Hotpoint Refrigerator Drain Pan
  • JC Penney Refrigerator Drain Pan


Picture Unavailable

Vegtable pan

RepairClinic Item # 302181


Picture Unavailable

Pan cover

RepairClinic Item # 302366


Grid is 1 inch square
Evap pan - Part # 302511 Mfg Part # WR32X884

Evap pan

RepairClinic Item # 302511


Picture Unavailable

Fan sw kit

RepairClinic Item # 304592


Picture Unavailable

Defrost htr

RepairClinic Item # 305220


Picture Unavailable

Fan blade

RepairClinic Item # 305636


Picture Unavailable

Shelf canti

RepairClinic Item # 306165


Picture Unavailable


RepairClinic Item # 310036


Picture Unavailable


RepairClinic Item # 310040


Picture Unavailable

Control pkg

RepairClinic Item # 310944


Picture Unavailable

Support, top rh

RepairClinic Item # 354685

Picture Unavailable

Support, top lh

RepairClinic Item # 354686

Picture Unavailable

Support, bottom lh

RepairClinic Item # 354688

Picture Unavailable


RepairClinic Item # 371842


Manufacturer Number 09948657

  • Replaces Part Number F114142
  • Replaces Part Number F115011
  • Replaces Part Number F115062
  • Replaces Part Number F116103


Picture Unavailable


RepairClinic Item # 425440


Manufacturer Number 187C243H05

  • JC Penney Dehumidifier Knob


Grid is 1 inch square
Panel, door-n - Part # 470034 Mfg Part # 2809-0002

Panel, door-n

RepairClinic Item # 470034


Picture Unavailable

Condenser r12/r134a

RepairClinic Item # 608368

Grid is 1 inch square
Gasket - Part # 609756 Mfg Part # 5300301155


RepairClinic Item # 609756


Manufacturer Number 5300301155

  • Gibson Freezer Gasket
  • Kenmore Dishwasher Gasket
  • Westinghouse Freezer Gasket


Picture Unavailable

Drive Motor

RepairClinic Item # 610920


Manufacturer Number 5300801005

  • Frigidaire Dehumidifier Drive Motor
  • JC Penney Dehumidifier Drive Motor
  • Westinghouse Dehumidifier Drive Motor
  • Replaces Part Number E000801002
  • Replaces Part Number E000801003
  • Replaces Part Number E000801005
  • Replaces Part Number E000801301
  • Replaces Part Number E000803102
  • Replaces Part Number H000900008
  • Replaces Part Number 08012675
Picture Unavailable

First shelf

RepairClinic Item # 620483

Grid is 1 inch square
Hinge bottom - Part # 639937 Mfg Part # 5306594549

Hinge bottom

RepairClinic Item # 639937


Picture Unavailable

Latch catch

RepairClinic Item # 642946

Picture Unavailable

Burner Drip Pan

RepairClinic Item # 644000


Manufacturer Number 5317970627

  • Gibson Refrigerator Burner Drip Pan
  • JC Penney Refrigerator Burner Drip Pan
  • Kenmore Refrigerator Burner Drip Pan
  • Westinghouse Refrigerator Burner Drip Pan
  • Replaces Part Number G162120-01
  • Replaces Part Number G162120-02
  • Replaces Part Number G162120-03
  • Replaces Part Number G162120-04
  • Replaces Part Number G162120-05
  • Replaces Part Number G162120-06
  • Replaces Part Number G162120-08
  • Replaces Part Number G162120-11
  • Replaces Part Number G162120-12
  • Replaces Part Number G162120-14
  • Replaces Part Number G162120-16
  • Replaces Part Number G164561-10
  • Replaces Part Number G179706-27

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Showing 101-150 of 151 parts