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York Miscellaneous Parts

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Picture Unavailable

Shaft 53.75 x 1

RepairClinic Item # 2334612

Manufacturer Number S1-00106855000

  • Replaces Part Number S1-06370498000
  • Replaces Part Number S1-06370499000
  • Replaces Part Number S1-06358272000
  • Replaces Part Number S1-36370498000
Picture Unavailable

Key,blower 1/4 in square x 6.375 in long

RepairClinic Item # 2334618

Manufacturer Number S1-00107110004

  • Replaces Part Number S1-06365896025
Picture Unavailable

Key,pulley 1/4 inch square x 2 inch long

RepairClinic Item # 2334619

Manufacturer Number S1-00107110005

Picture Unavailable

Shaft,blower 1.187 x 26.75 long

RepairClinic Item # 2334622

Manufacturer Number S1-00107116000

Picture Unavailable

Shaft,blower 1 x 23.75 long

RepairClinic Item # 2334623

Manufacturer Number S1-00107117000

Picture Unavailable

Shaft,steel,1.1373 od x 27.75 lg

RepairClinic Item # 2334624

Manufacturer Number S1-00107119000

Picture Unavailable

Key,stl,3/8 sq x 2-1/2 lg

RepairClinic Item # 2334626

Manufacturer Number S1-00107132000

Picture Unavailable

Shaft,blower,forward curve

RepairClinic Item # 2334628

Manufacturer Number S1-00107463000

Picture Unavailable

Shaft,blower w/keys,2.44 dia x 42.5 lg

RepairClinic Item # 2334629

Manufacturer Number S1-00107465000

Picture Unavailable

Thermal 1 insulation (m400)

RepairClinic Item # 2334632

Manufacturer Number S1-01003843000

Picture Unavailable

Blanket,compressor cr42k6 & <

RepairClinic Item # 2334633

Manufacturer Number S1-01004580000

  • Replaces Part Number S1-02632142000
Picture Unavailable

Blanket,compressor h23/24b

RepairClinic Item # 2334634

Manufacturer Number S1-01004620000

  • Replaces Part Number S1-02632141000
  • Replaces Part Number 1CB0602
  • Replaces Part Number S1-1450-9031/A
  • Replaces Part Number S1-1450-9031
Picture Unavailable

Blanket,compressor cr38k6,h25/26/27b

RepairClinic Item # 2334635

Manufacturer Number S1-01004621000

  • Replaces Part Number S1-01004621700
  • Replaces Part Number S1-02632143000
Picture Unavailable

Blanket,compressor h20/21,zr 4-6-1/3t

RepairClinic Item # 2334636

Manufacturer Number S1-01004664000

  • Replaces Part Number S1-02634665000
  • Replaces Part Number 1CB0609
Picture Unavailable

Blanket,compressor h20/21,zr to 3-1/2t

RepairClinic Item # 2334639

Manufacturer Number S1-01005499000

  • Replaces Part Number S1-02633269000
Picture Unavailable

Blanket,compressor crm & <,h23-27a

RepairClinic Item # 2334640

Manufacturer Number S1-01005669000

Picture Unavailable

Blanket,compressor br,zr94,h23-27a42

RepairClinic Item # 2334641

Manufacturer Number S1-01005827000

  • Replaces Part Number S1-02632621000
  • Replaces Part Number 1CB0605
  • Replaces Part Number S1-02634627002
  • Replaces Part Number 1CB0608
  • Replaces Part Number S1-01005755000
  • Replaces Part Number S1-1450-9041/A
  • Replaces Part Number S1-1450-9041
Picture Unavailable

Blanket,compressor h23/24/25/26/27a

RepairClinic Item # 2334642

Manufacturer Number S1-01005977000

Picture Unavailable

Blanket,compressor h20/21,zr40,crk-crm

RepairClinic Item # 2334643

Manufacturer Number S1-01005979000

Picture Unavailable

Blanket,compressor h23-26b,re,crh,aw

RepairClinic Item # 2334644

Manufacturer Number S1-01005980000

Picture Unavailable

Gasket,venter motor

RepairClinic Item # 2334645

Manufacturer Number S1-01006081000

Picture Unavailable

Blanket,compressor h20r583

RepairClinic Item # 2334646

Manufacturer Number S1-01006228000

Picture Unavailable

Blanket,compressor h21c293-343

RepairClinic Item # 2334647

Manufacturer Number S1-01006234000

Picture Unavailable

Blanket,compressor zr46-72

RepairClinic Item # 2334648

Manufacturer Number S1-01006242000

Picture Unavailable


RepairClinic Item # 2334649

Manufacturer Number S1-01006260000

Picture Unavailable

Blanket,compressor sound t29a

RepairClinic Item # 2334650

Manufacturer Number S1-01006662000

Picture Unavailable


RepairClinic Item # 2334651

Manufacturer Number S1-01006741000

Picture Unavailable


RepairClinic Item # 2334653

Manufacturer Number S1-01006758000

Picture Unavailable

Insulation,door small

RepairClinic Item # 2334658

Manufacturer Number S1-01007630000

Picture Unavailable

Insulation,door large

RepairClinic Item # 2334659

Manufacturer Number S1-01007631000

Picture Unavailable


RepairClinic Item # 2334662

Manufacturer Number S1-01007635000

Picture Unavailable


RepairClinic Item # 2334663

Manufacturer Number S1-01007636000

Picture Unavailable


RepairClinic Item # 2334664

Manufacturer Number S1-01007637000

Picture Unavailable


RepairClinic Item # 2334669

Manufacturer Number S1-01007642000

Picture Unavailable

Heat conductive compound 7.5 ounce

RepairClinic Item # 2334671

Manufacturer Number S1-01301502000

Picture Unavailable


RepairClinic Item # 2334675

Manufacturer Number S1-01501211002

Picture Unavailable


RepairClinic Item # 2334676

Manufacturer Number S1-01501277002

Picture Unavailable


RepairClinic Item # 2334677

Manufacturer Number S1-01501294002

Picture Unavailable


RepairClinic Item # 2334678

Manufacturer Number S1-01501296002

Picture Unavailable


RepairClinic Item # 2334679

Manufacturer Number S1-01501297002

  • Replaces Part Number S1-01501297001
  • Replaces Part Number S1-01501741000
  • Replaces Part Number S1-1450-5439
Picture Unavailable


RepairClinic Item # 2334680

Manufacturer Number S1-01501596705

  • Replaces Part Number S1-01501596005
  • Replaces Part Number S1-01501503002
  • Replaces Part Number S1-01501596002
  • Replaces Part Number S1-01501607002
  • Replaces Part Number S1-01501820000
  • Replaces Part Number S1-01501867000
  • Replaces Part Number S1-02630537000
  • Replaces Part Number S1-1450A5139
  • Replaces Part Number S1-6360H3639
  • Replaces Part Number S1-6960-3839
  • Replaces Part Number S1-9355-3739
  • Replaces Part Number S1-6105-3609
  • Replaces Part Number S1-6105A3609
Picture Unavailable


RepairClinic Item # 2334681

Manufacturer Number S1-01501597705

  • Replaces Part Number S1-01501597005
  • Replaces Part Number S1-01501497002
  • Replaces Part Number S1-01501597002
  • Replaces Part Number S1-01501816000
  • Replaces Part Number S1-01501856000
  • Replaces Part Number S1-02630559000
  • Replaces Part Number S1-01500994002
Picture Unavailable


RepairClinic Item # 2334682

Manufacturer Number S1-01501606705

  • Replaces Part Number S1-01501606005
  • Replaces Part Number S1-01501413002
  • Replaces Part Number S1-01501495002
  • Replaces Part Number S1-01501590002
  • Replaces Part Number S1-01501606002
  • Replaces Part Number S1-01501781000
  • Replaces Part Number S1-1450A5029
  • Replaces Part Number S1-1450-5029
  • Replaces Part Number S1-6960-3809
  • Replaces Part Number S1-9555-3719
  • Replaces Part Number S1-6105A1609
  • Replaces Part Number S1-7060-3609
  • Replaces Part Number S1-9355-3709
  • Replaces Part Number S1-6105-1609
Picture Unavailable


RepairClinic Item # 2334684

Manufacturer Number S1-01501649002

Picture Unavailable


RepairClinic Item # 2334685

Manufacturer Number S1-01502052001

Picture Unavailable


RepairClinic Item # 2334687

Manufacturer Number S1-01502130705

  • Replaces Part Number S1-01502130005
  • Replaces Part Number S1-01501998005
  • Replaces Part Number S1-1450A505P
  • Replaces Part Number S1-1450A5059
  • Replaces Part Number S1-1450-506P
  • Replaces Part Number S1-1450-5069
  • Replaces Part Number S1-1450-5009
Picture Unavailable


RepairClinic Item # 2334688

Manufacturer Number S1-01502131705

  • Replaces Part Number S1-01502131005
  • Replaces Part Number S1-01502010005
  • Replaces Part Number S1-1450A503P
  • Replaces Part Number S1-01502010002
  • Replaces Part Number S1-1450A5039
  • Replaces Part Number S1-1450A5030
  • Replaces Part Number S1-6960-3739
Picture Unavailable


RepairClinic Item # 2334690

Manufacturer Number S1-01502336000


Picture Unavailable


RepairClinic Item # 2334691

Manufacturer Number S1-01502400705

  • Replaces Part Number S1-01502400005
  • Replaces Part Number S1-1450-5339
Picture Unavailable


RepairClinic Item # 2334693

Manufacturer Number S1-01502424701

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Showing 1-50 of 500 parts
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