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Coleman Miscellaneous Parts

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Grid is 1 inch square
Fan,prop,22",ccw,3-37,1/2"bore - Part # 2339993 Mfg Part # S1-1472-8061


RepairClinic Item # 2339993

Manufacturer Number S1-1472-8061

Oversize Part – Special Shipping Required

Picture Unavailable


RepairClinic Item # 2339994

Manufacturer Number S1-1472A8001

  • Replaces Part Number S1-1472-8001
Picture Unavailable


RepairClinic Item # 2340055

Manufacturer Number S1-1BH0701

  • Replaces Part Number S1-1BH0601BK
  • Replaces Part Number 1BH0601
  • Replaces Part Number 1BH0602BK
  • Replaces Part Number 1BH0602
Picture Unavailable


RepairClinic Item # 2340089

Manufacturer Number S1-1CB0414

  • Replaces Part Number S1-1CB0314
Picture Unavailable


RepairClinic Item # 2340090

Manufacturer Number S1-1CB0417

  • Replaces Part Number S1-1CB0317
Picture Unavailable


RepairClinic Item # 2340091

Manufacturer Number S1-1CB0421

  • Replaces Part Number S1-1CB0321
Picture Unavailable


RepairClinic Item # 2340092

Manufacturer Number S1-1CB0424

  • Replaces Part Number S1-1CB0324
Picture Unavailable

Compressor housing kit, large

RepairClinic Item # 2340097

Manufacturer Number S1-1CH0602

Picture Unavailable

Concentric vent terminal 2"

RepairClinic Item # 2340100

Manufacturer Number S1-1CT0302

  • Replaces Part Number 1CT0301
Picture Unavailable

Concentric vent terminal 3"

RepairClinic Item # 2340102

Manufacturer Number S1-1CT0303

Picture Unavailable

Rack,filter,external,17.5 cab multi-pos

RepairClinic Item # 2340131

Manufacturer Number S1-1FR0817

  • Replaces Part Number S1-1FR0717
  • Replaces Part Number S1-1FR0617
Picture Unavailable

Horiz pan 23" bulk pck 6 pc

RepairClinic Item # 2340141

Manufacturer Number S1-1HP0623BK

  • Replaces Part Number 1HP0623
Picture Unavailable

Pan,horizontal,28 inch bulk pkg=6 pc

RepairClinic Item # 2340142

Manufacturer Number S1-1HP0628BK

  • Replaces Part Number 1HP0628
Picture Unavailable

Horizontal vent terminal kit

RepairClinic Item # 2340143

Manufacturer Number S1-1HT0901

Picture Unavailable

Neutralizer kit

RepairClinic Item # 2340147

Manufacturer Number S1-1NK0301

Picture Unavailable

Gas valve & pressure test kit

RepairClinic Item # 2340155

Manufacturer Number S1-1PK0601

Picture Unavailable

Gas valve & pressure test kit w/met

RepairClinic Item # 2340156

Manufacturer Number S1-1PK0602


Picture Unavailable

Pressure switch kit,high altitude

RepairClinic Item # 2340159

Manufacturer Number S1-1PS0301

Picture Unavailable

Pressure switch kit hi alt

RepairClinic Item # 2340160

Manufacturer Number S1-1PS0306

Picture Unavailable

Txv kit,r410a 5/8 m x 5/8 m,sporlan

RepairClinic Item # 2340190

Manufacturer Number S1-1TVM4F1

  • Replaces Part Number S1-1TVM4A1
  • Replaces Part Number S1-1TVM4E1
  • Replaces Part Number S1-1TVM4M1
  • Replaces Part Number S1-1TVM902
  • Replaces Part Number S1-1TV0902
  • Replaces Part Number S1-1TVM901
  • Replaces Part Number S1-1TVM907
  • Replaces Part Number S1-1TV0901
Picture Unavailable

Txv kit,r410a,5/8 m x 5/8 f,sporlan

RepairClinic Item # 2340191

Manufacturer Number S1-1TVM4G1

  • Replaces Part Number S1-1TVM903
  • Replaces Part Number S1-1TV0903
Picture Unavailable

Txv kit,r410a,5/8 m x 5/8 f,sporlan

RepairClinic Item # 2340192

Manufacturer Number S1-1TVM4H1

  • Replaces Part Number S1-1TVM4C1
  • Replaces Part Number S1-1TVM4D1
  • Replaces Part Number S1-1TVM904
  • Replaces Part Number S1-1TV0904
Picture Unavailable

Txv kit,r410a,5/8 m x 5/8 f,sporlan

RepairClinic Item # 2340193

Manufacturer Number S1-1TVM4J1

  • Replaces Part Number S1-1TVM905
  • Replaces Part Number S1-1TV0905
Picture Unavailable

Txv,kit r22

RepairClinic Item # 2340196

Manufacturer Number S1-1TVM701

  • Replaces Part Number S1-1TV0701
Picture Unavailable

Txv,kit r22

RepairClinic Item # 2340197

Manufacturer Number S1-1TVM702

  • Replaces Part Number S1-1TV0702
Picture Unavailable

Txv,kit r22

RepairClinic Item # 2340198

Manufacturer Number S1-1TVM703

  • Replaces Part Number S1-1TV0703
Picture Unavailable

Electrode assembly

RepairClinic Item # 2340346

Manufacturer Number S1-2667-3051


Picture Unavailable

Heat exchanger,6 cell

RepairClinic Item # 2340360

Manufacturer Number S1-2706-5031/A

  • Replaces Part Number S1-2706-5031
  • Replaces Part Number S1-2706-5061/A
  • Replaces Part Number S1-02634022006
  • Replaces Part Number S1-2706-5061
  • Replaces Part Number S1-02634651000
Picture Unavailable

Whl,blw,vtr.1-3/8 x 5

RepairClinic Item # 2340385

Manufacturer Number S1-2845-3451

  • Replaces Part Number S1-2845-3401
Picture Unavailable

Motor plate frm dpt 210

RepairClinic Item # 2340386

Manufacturer Number S1-2845-5221

Picture Unavailable

Limit switch

RepairClinic Item # 2340389

Manufacturer Number S1-2880-3181

Picture Unavailable

Switch,pres,air -0.175 iwc on rise, spno

RepairClinic Item # 2340391

Manufacturer Number S1-2895-3251

Picture Unavailable

Whl,blw,vtr, 1-11/16 x 5-5/8

RepairClinic Item # 2340392

Manufacturer Number S1-2895-3451

  • Replaces Part Number S1-2895-3401
Picture Unavailable

Sensor,remote kit

RepairClinic Item # 2340393

Manufacturer Number S1-2895-4101

Picture Unavailable

Switch,pres,air spnc

RepairClinic Item # 2340394

Manufacturer Number S1-2900-315P

Picture Unavailable

Gas valve

RepairClinic Item # 2340395

Manufacturer Number S1-2900-326P

Picture Unavailable

Whl,blw,vtr,4 x 2,cw,1/4 bore

RepairClinic Item # 2340396

Manufacturer Number S1-2900-3601

  • Replaces Part Number S1-7990-3601
  • Replaces Part Number S1-7990-360
Picture Unavailable

Pressure switch

RepairClinic Item # 2340397

Manufacturer Number S1-2940-3151

Picture Unavailable

Switch,fan & limit 105/120 (o/c)

RepairClinic Item # 2340398

Manufacturer Number S1-2940-3161

Picture Unavailable

Rollout switch package

RepairClinic Item # 2340399

Manufacturer Number S1-2940-3191

  • Replaces Part Number S1-2840-3191
Picture Unavailable

Heater relay

RepairClinic Item # 2340400

Manufacturer Number S1-2940-3551

  • Replaces Part Number S1-2667A3771
Picture Unavailable


RepairClinic Item # 2340401

Manufacturer Number S1-2940-3571

Picture Unavailable

Electric heat w/brkr 25kw 240v

RepairClinic Item # 2340430

Manufacturer Number S1-2HK16502506

  • Replaces Part Number 3EH125VL21
Picture Unavailable


RepairClinic Item # 2340433

Manufacturer Number S1-2HU16700124

  • Replaces Part Number S1-2HU06700124
  • Replaces Part Number 6HU06700124
Picture Unavailable

Low ambient kit,r22

RepairClinic Item # 2340434

Manufacturer Number S1-2LA06700224

Picture Unavailable

Low ambient kit,r410a

RepairClinic Item # 2340435

Manufacturer Number S1-2LA06700424

Picture Unavailable

Pressure,refrigerant kit,r22

RepairClinic Item # 2340445

Manufacturer Number S1-2PS06700324

Picture Unavailable

Hard start kit

RepairClinic Item # 2340446

Manufacturer Number S1-2SA06702006

Picture Unavailable

Hard start kit

RepairClinic Item # 2340447

Manufacturer Number S1-2SA06702106

  • Replaces Part Number 3697-1501
Picture Unavailable

Hard start kit

RepairClinic Item # 2340448

Manufacturer Number S1-2SA06702306

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Showing 1-50 of 500 parts
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