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Dare to Repair, Real Stories by Real Customers

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Aidan A: Lawn Care Business Owner, Sarasota, FL

“So here I was at this garage sale and of course they have a 1987 Homelite hand blower that I just had to snag for my lawn business (only because it was $3). But when I get home the freaking thing doesn't work, so I logged on to RepairClinic and got a full carb rebuild kit for under $20! I ended up rebuilding the entire engine for under $20 and having a reliable blower for $23. Thanks RepairClinic!”


Allison W: Illustrator, Raleigh, NC

“Wow, I ordered a dual run capacitor for my AC unit last night at about 7:45 pm and choose overnight delivery. The part was delivered to my home at 1 pm the next day. By 2 pm, I had my AC unit back up and running. Thanks for having the part and shipping quickly. The outside temp has cooled down today to a sticky 93 degrees.”


Steve C: Retired, Columbus, OH

“I have a 15+ year old Sinkmaster disposal and I could not find a new splash shield anywhere in Columbus Ohio to replace it. The new part came in with an accompanying stopper and fit perfectly, replacing the old rotted out one. A few days wait and my wife is happy as a clam spitting sand...Thanks guys!”


L. Ward: Pollock Pines, CA

“I made 3 runs at the leak problem in our Maytag dishwasher. Replaced the door seal, replaced the foam seal inside bottom door, finally ordered and replaced the grommet around the soap dispenser door clip. Lesson learned, read all of my fellow amateur repair techs posts before proceeding, they had listed that as a first probable cause. Had I read them all you can see a damaged grommet without taking anything apart. The damaged grommet was visible just by opening the dishwasher door.”


Joyce B: Henderson, NV

“Yesterday I was quoted $500 plus parts to replace my Air Conditioner Fan Condenser motor. I looked up Repair Clinic, placed the order at 5:30 p.m. (west coast time), paid $116 for the part, happily $40 more for overnight, Saturday delivery and made the repair in about 30 minutes!! Unbelievable, I had my new motor by 9:30 a.m. By the way, I am a 65 year old woman who made the complete repair! Thanks again!”


Mogi N: Business Analyst, Marietta, GA

“My name is Mogie and I live in Marietta, GA. I ordered a refrigerator door shelf bin on May 10th and was extremely nervous about the product not being what I needed. To my surprise, it arrived May 12 at my doorstep, perfectly packaged and all I had to do was remove it from the box and insert it into the fridge door. I was thoroughly happy and satisfied! I will most definitely recommend and use Repair Clinic again. Thank you so much for the prompt shipping.”


Paul S: Handyman, Saint John, NB

“My name is Paul. I live in Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada. I've been a handy man for many years. I'm not an expert so when I need advice or help I usually rely on videos. I have tried many websites and I came across Repair clinic. I found their prices the cheapest among many, and the instructional videos very helpful. I diagnosed my washing machine problem from one of their videos. Very good, especially when it's the same washing machine your using. The motor in my washing machine was shot. I ordered a new motor from Repair Clinic. It was well packaged and it arrived in a short time. I installed it and it worked perfect. My partner and I are very happy. Now we can do our washing again. It's been over a week now. This saved us $1,100 for a new washer. We're good to go for now. I've joined their email list. I feel very confident, and happy knowing from now on when I need help that Repair clinic is there for me with parts, videos and quite possibly the cheapest prices around. That's a good feeling. I had to write this review to let them know. Thanks again Repair Clinic!”


Don W: Saint Louis, MO

“You guys do it faster and better than any company I know and I will be using only your company in the future. Thanks.”


Bert B: Retired Fire Captain, Fort Jones, CA

“I had to replace my drain pump for a LG front load washer recently, and I want to say thanks for the speedy deliver of the correct part and most of all for the instructional video on part replacement. Made it a breeze. I’ve also had to replace a drain pump on our dishwasher last winter and same kudos for the part and repair video. You have saved us lots of money by repairing these things myself. Thanks Again!”


Mark R: Bay Springs, MS

“I just wanted to send Repair Clinic a thank you in helping me get my dryer repaired. It is working like a new one again, thanks to the helpful videos and trouble shooting ideas as to what the problem was. After viewing your website, I had determined it had to be one of the 2 Gas Valve Solenoids (I went ahead and ordered both of them) and either the belt or the drum bearing. I went ahead and ordered the parts I thought might be necessary for repair. Well after receiving the replacement parts (very quickly I would like to add), I started the task of taking the dryer apart based on a couple of video's I had watched and it was easier than expected. I replaced the two valves, the drive belt (I think the one on there was fine), but figured while I had it apart might as well change it. Also the Drum Bearing (basically a bushing) was also changed out. The dryer is so quiet now, unless you go in the laundry room you don't even know it's on. I had ordered the idler pulley also, but didn't need to use it, so I will probably be returning it per your return instructions. I will definitely use Repair Clinic again on any of my appliances needing repair. Customer service was great, shipping was fast and hopefully the return policy will be as good. I know I will recommend Repair Clinic to anyone looking to repair any of their appliances or actually anything needing repair. Thank you again.”


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