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Dare to Repair, Real Stories by Real Customers

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Aidan A: Lawn Care Business Owner, Sarasota, FL

“So here I was at this garage sale and of course they have a 1987 Homelite hand blower that I just had to snag for my lawn business (only because it was $3). But when I get home the freaking thing doesn't work, so I logged on to RepairClinic and got a full carb rebuild kit for under $20! I ended up rebuilding the entire engine for under $20 and having a reliable blower for $23. Thanks RepairClinic!”


R. Z: Hinckley, OH

“So...let's just say for many years I was a bachleor. A bachelor in a house with a nice oven. A nice oven that rarely got used! Years pass, I meet a nice lady, get married and what happens? I have my mother-in-law over for the holidays! An Italian mother-in-law that loves to cook! So after 3-4 days of heavy cookin', my oven stops heating. I watch the Repair Clinic videos, and determine it might be the temp sensor...I had tested the elements and found those to be okay. I went with the sensor thinking it had to be it....even though it tested okay. I install the sensor..nada. So...I figure it's the $$$ repair. The 200.00+ control board. My options were the local appliance repair shop with a electronics 'no return' policy or Repair Clinic with its 365 days return policy on anything! I go with Repair Clinic and order the board. I get it lightning fast and install...still no heat. I finally pull the oven from the wall and find a melted wire connector that had severed the connection on my 220 line. Seems a hot spot on the wire had caused the melting and failure... So, I box up the new control board and ship back to Repair Clinic for a full refund!!!! Cost of my oven repair? 20.00 for my misdiagnosed temp sensor!! Repair Clinic you and your return policy rock!!!!!!”


Julianna B: Los Angeles, CA

“Recently my Frigidaire french door refrigerator stopped cooling the food section. I googled the error code on my fridge and found out it was the evaporator fan. I was out of warranty and wanted it fixed properly so I called an authorized repair company. The repairman came out and said it's probably the evaporator fan. I will have my manager call you with a quote. The quote I received was $550 - part, labor & tax. Yikes! I called the company back and asked for a breakdown of the quote. They were charging me $250 + tax for the part. I couldn't believe the evaporator fan motor cost that much. I googled my model # and part and found the Repair Clinic. Not only did I find the part but the video on how to install it. The video was great! Super clear simple instructions. A step by step on how to get to the part and how to put everything back together. I decided to go for it and do it myself. I ordered my part from Repair Clinic. The part cost me a little over $100 with tax and 2 day shipping. The part came in last night. I went step by step with the video and had it installed in an hour and a half. An hour and a half! The repair guy said it would take him 2 - 3 hours to install it. I've never done anything like this before. Thank you Repair Clinic! You saved me from getting totally ripped off.”


Alvin W: Rochester, MI

“Your product and services were excellent.”


Chad Z: Hollis, NH

“This is the best place to buy stove parts! They allow their customers to test the parts by installing them, and still return up to 365 Days! That's like a whole year! I could be almost one year older, wiser, and more competent, and still be able to return the part?! Thanks Repair Clinic for allowing me that chance!”


Marvin I: Plattsburgh, NY

“Furnace was down in single digit weather. Was able to get the part I needed in record time and save my pipes from freezing. Kudos to RepairClinic!!!”


John A: Chantilly, VA

“I've used Repair Clinic in the past successfully and had yet another good experience with customer support and accurate delivery of parts, which saved me a lot of money while enabling me to perform my own repairs. I highly recommend Repair Clinic for any of those issues that you feel that you can't complete on your own...they make DIY repairs possible”


DaeNell D: Saint Anthony, ID

“Thank you for the prompt response and delivery of the bearing for my snow thrower. As you probably can see, winter is still here and the snow keeps coming. Having my snow thrower back up and running is important. Thank you!”


Shawn M: Avery, TX

“I was pleased with the services that I received from Repair Clinic. I ordered a dryer belt for my mother-in laws dryer. I placed the online order and I instantly received an email letting me know that my order was placed. After placing the order Repair Clinic let me know when the belt was shipped and gave me a tracking number. I was able to continue keeping up with my shipment as it made its way to me. I was able to get that belt on in a matter of minutes after receiving it. Now the dryer is not heating up, so I'll probably be ordering a heating element now. I would recommend Repair Clinic to anyone that has a part that they need to order. I would recommend speed delivery on it though. I went with ground mail which took a little longer than I expected.”


Randal L: Lakewood, CA

“The diagnosis was right on the mark,the control panel arrived on time, with the help of online video I did the repair myself. All turned out very well and the dishwasher is working very well.”