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Dare to Repair, Real Stories by Real Customers

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Dave M: Des Moines, IA

“My clothes dryer wasn't heating, did a web search, found the answer at RepairClinic's web site. They taught me how to do a continuity test to detect the faulty piece. Told me what I needed to repair the dryer, ordered the parts, and they showed up two days later AS PROMISED! I made the repair and my 30-year-old dryer is working in top order. Honest to Pete...I thought customer service was dead until I took a chance on you guys. You have my total confidence and gratitude!”


Chris N: Librarian, Lake Charles, LA

“I have used your videos to successfully repair several appliances! I'm very grateful for what I have learned from them! Recently, I worked on a refrigerator and replaced the thermostat in the freezer and the defrost thermostat in the refrigerator part. I could have done none of this without your instructions and videos. Thank you, Repair Clinic, for all of the help!”


Dare to Repair. more than 3 Million Parts Available.

Cecillia J: Peoria, IL

“Thank you so much for sending my order. I ordered a tiny one-inch knob which was missing from an older Kenmore Range Hood. After trying locally, a store representative recommended that I go online. I was pleasantly surprised that you had the exact knob I needed. Thank you again for your help. Your service was very much appreciated.”


John S: Communications Engineer, Tampa, FL

“I would like to share my appreciation with you for getting me the information that I needed to order the right part. I was looking for an ice maker, and saw the repair module on the page, a description and even installation video! It took me just a few minutes and the ice maker now works fine! On top of that, the part was cheaper than the part I intended to buy. Thank you!”


Mark B: Engineer, Huntsville, AL

“I was very impressed with your website. I don't do a lot of repairs on machinery, but I do maintain my lawn mowers. One is a John Deere tractor and the other is a Honda trimming mower. For the Honda, I wanted to replace the rear wheels. I was pleasantly surprised at the high quality of your repair videos. When you do a repair once every couple of years, you forget the "little" things. Your video was extremely helpful. Made the repair go much quicker. Also, the search engine and the complete list of spare parts was excellent as well. I found everything I needed quickly. For my next repair or maintenance action, I will check your website first.”


Luis M: Carpenter, Cleveland, OH

“My furnace stop working so I called up my go-to repair person. Together we troubleshooted the problem and he recommended to go online to RepairClinic to order the correct part (pressure switch). The part arrived within a couple of days. With my carpenter skills, I was able to get my furnace up and running by myself. Thank you RepairClinic for fast delivery and the right part, from now I'll be ordering from you.”


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Bruce M: Punta Gorda, FL

“Just wanted to say thank you for helping me to repair my Samsung stove. You guys probably saved me at least $100.00 in retail cost as well as the service call. I am mechanically inclined and can fix just about anything if given the proper instruction as well as access to the right parts. It performs perfectly now. Thanks again.”


Ellery Brown: Baker, Upper Marlboro, MD

“I bake professionally, and my oven suddenly died and left my breads like Jello in the middle. I called a well-known local supply/repair shop, and the replacement igniter was $90+, not including tax. I found RepairClinic.com, and the price with shipping was $41.80 – less than half the cost of the local shop. If the savings wasn’t great enough, it was supposed to arrive on Friday but came Thursday – 1 full day ahead of schedule! The price + the shipping speed = Great Service and back in business baking our beloved breads! I’m keeping RepairClinic.com on “Speed Dial” for future needs. Thanks!”


Brenda V: Patient Services Representative, Topeka, KS

“Last year my whirlpool washing machine stopped working, I ran across your website and was so surprised. Not only was I able to type in the problem, but you gave me several solutions as well as a step-by-step video on how to repair it. The cost of the part to fix the machine with shipping and handling was less than $20 and I received the part in less than a week. Just recently, my dryer stopped working and the first thing I did was go to your website. Again, I entered the problem and was given several solutions and found the heater coil was burned out. The cost of the part with shipping and handling was $50 and again I received the part in less than a week. Overall in less than a year Repair Clinic has saved me between $800 and $1,200. My family is so surprised that I've been able to fix the appliances myself. I tell everyone that I come in contact with who has a problem with an appliance to go to RepairClinic.com FIRST!!! Thank you again.”


Dare to Repair. more than 3 Million Parts Available.

Ruth H: Genevieve, MO

“We have a Maytag washer and dryer set that's a little over two years old. I started noticing that my clothes were getting super hot in the dryer. No matter what setting I had the dryer on, my clothes were getting so hot that they would almost burn my fingers. So I started looking on the internet for why the dryer was getting so hot and I found your web site with the videos. I put in our model number and you showed what parts we could need, where they were located and how to exchange them. Thank you very much for the help and information. It cost us $120.00 to fix our dryer and now I have a new dryer again that's working just fine. I hope I don't need to repair anything else, but if we do, I will go to your website. Thank you again.”