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Dare to Repair, Real Stories by Real Customers

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Jan M: Retired, Visalia, CA

“I have a portable dishwasher that needed a flat rubber washer at the connection where it attaches to the sink faucet. When the dishwasher was running, hot water was constantly spewing from the connector even when the valve was closed. I went to the local appliance parts store and they told me that I couldn't get just the rubber washer. I would have to replace the entire hose system. Well, I didn't want a new hose system because my hoses and the connector were just fine. All I needed was that one little washer. So I went to the local hardware stores where they carried O-rings and other such parts for leaky plumbing and appliances, but none of them had what I needed. I even wrote to the dishwasher’s manufacturer and asked if they could just stick one of those little washers in an envelope (along with an invoice) and send it to me, but I got no response. In desperation, I went to my computer to look up “dishwasher repair parts” and that’s when I found RepairClinic.com. I ordered the little rubber washer I needed, received it in a matter of days, and fixed that leaky connector myself. Since then, I've turned to RepairClinic.com for parts to fix lawn mowers, lawn edgers, clothes dryers, vacuum cleaners and everything else that needs fixing. If it’s mine and it’s broken, I'll go to RepairClinic.com and fix it myself. If this 63-year-old woman can do it, anyone can do it!”


John H: USN Retired CW04, Robertsdale, AL

“I am 68 years old and I almost never take the time to say thanks to a company. However, I am so very pleased with the professional and courteous help I received from your company that I'm compelled to do so now. I want to thank each and every one of your employees for doing such a good job. It makes so many of us look good by getting us the right part the first time. Thanks again!”


Dare to Repair. more than 3 Million Parts Available.

Mike A: Oro Valley, AZ

“With the help of the RepairClinic, I fixed my air conditioner last summer. After studying the problem I decided that I needed a capacitor for my air conditioner unit. RepairClinic had the part in stock for about $15 bucks and it worked! They saved me $200 and no service call was need. Plus, I fixed it myself! Thank you, RepairClinic.”


DeWayne W: Dallas, GA

“My wife was skeptical about me doing a repair on our four-year old LG refrigerator. The noise it made was terrible and she was certain that we were looking at a new one to replace the LG. I told her if I could find the parts and instructions on how to get the thing apart that it could probably be fixed. Then I found RepairClinic.com. The web site helped diagnose the problem and the replacement fan was delivered two days later by FedEx. The video instructions were spot-on to my exact model and the entire repair took less than an hour. Total cost was less than $50.00. I’m pretty sure we saved $1,500.00 or more by not replacing the refrigerator and my wife is no longer a skeptic. In fact, she now thinks I am Super Fix It Guy!”


Cathy O: Community Volunteer, Winston-Salem, NC

“I just want to express my 100% satisfaction with your company. My leaf blower would not start. My husband took a look and realized the gas tank was the problem. I googled "parts for a WeedEater gasoline leaf blower" and found your website along with others. I participated in live chat with your rep and she confirmed the exact gas tank that was a perfect fit for my leaf blower. I placed the order Tuesday night at 9:35pm and the part arrived Thursday around noon (I elected the FedEx shipping). I mentioned there were other website with this same part available; however, your price was more than 1/2 less than the others. I was completely satisfied with my purchase. Thank you for your services.”


Dyan P & Jason B: Madeira Beach, FL

“I have to take the time to express how wonderful your site is. I have a two-year-old LG refrigerator with a bottom ice maker that broke. I started to do research, finally found your site and was thrilled. In the meantime, I called over my best friend, a retired nurse, who thought that another piece was broken. Together, we kept replaying the ice maker video and step-by-step installed the new component. We then looked through your site to see if something else could also be broken and saw that it could be the valve. We went through the whole procedure, pulled the refrigerator out, checked the water pressure, and put the refrigerator back into place. My friend was convinced that the ice maker should have started working right away, while I thought it had to reach a certain temperature before it would start to make ice cubes again. My friend left (with it still not working) and I decided to wait until the next day to see if I needed to order another part. Within 30 minutes of that, I heard water filling the new tray! I was so thrilled to know we fixed it without paying hundreds of dollars to a plummer. This never would have happened without your detail step-by-step instructions in your videos. I have recommend your site to all my friends! Thank you again.”


Keith F: Walden, NY

“Thank you so much for your professional service and lightning fast delivery. My questions were answered fast and accurately with the on line chat. The battery installed easily and it was a perfect replacement. Thank you again !”


Ruth J: Philadelphia, PA

“On Thursday night, my washing machine started sounding strange and the water wouldn't stop pouring in. I work for Home Depot, and get my share of calls from customers needing service on appliances they purchased from us. I know it often takes what seems like forever to get their appliances running again, as parts almost always need to be ordered and second appointments made to install them. I'm way more adventurous than that. I got online and your website helped me figure out exactly what part was misbehaving (the cold water inlet valve). I ordered it, and had it shipped FedEx. I received it this morning (Saturday), installed it in about 15 minutes, and I'm now on my third load of wash. Couldn't have been easier! Thanks!”


Dennis R: Retired, Muskego, WI

“I repaired a Maytag dryer using the on-line videos that RepairClinic provided on their website. After debating with myself whether or not I wanted to remove all of the screws on the dryer, I proceeded and ultimately had the whole machine disassembled. Using the video, I was able to replace the belt pulley at a cost (less than $10) much lower than what a service technician would have charged. Finally, I was able to completely reassemble the machine (with no parts left over!) and is working today like it was brand new. Thanks RepairClinic!”


Tony P: Retired, Ventura, CA

“I bought parts for my Craftsman lawn mower from RepairClinic.com and saved about 60% more than buying direct from Craftsman. The gentleman that handled my call was polite, informative, and very professional, plus my items arrived on time. I'm extremely pleased with RepairClinic.com. I will definitely be back and also recommend to friends!”