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Dare to Repair, Real Stories by Real Customers

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Greg B: Industrial Hygienist, Cincinnati, OH

“I recently purchased a Samsung refrigerator ice chute replacement (part #DA-07361A) from RepairClinic. The correct part arrived safe and sound, but did not fit my refrigerator. After contacting your help center, I learned that Samsung had redesigned the part, and unfortunately the redesign was the only part currently available. Understandably, RepairClinic offered to refund my purchase. However, what really surprised me was their offer to still accept the return part after I tried modifying it to fit my refrigerator. To make a long story short, I successfully modified the part and it is working perfectly, but knowing that RepairClinic was supporting me in case the modification did not go well was very appreciated.”


Kenneth L: Fire Department Lieutenant, Edison, NJ

“I first want to personally thank you and your great resource you provide for appliance repair. This past weekend on Friday evening our relatively new but out of warranty LG Front Load washing machine was overloaded and subsequently failed. An error code was present and I followed the steps on your website to troubleshoot this and ended up having to order a rotor position sensor for the machine. I was working the next day on a 24 hour tour in the firehouse, I am a Lieutenant in a NJ fire department, I knew I couldn’t fix it Saturday but your service allowed me to ship the replacement part next day and have it ready for me when I returned home. While in the firehouse Saturday I followed the training videos provided to change this part and I must say it was extremely accurate in that everything your site/video stated is what I experienced. With that being said coming home from a long shift Sunday morning and being Mother’s Day I knew I needed to get this machine up and running, due to having kids in sports, laundry piles up quick! I quickly watched the video from my mobile device and took apart the washer, replaced the part, tested and put it all back together. I am happy to report my wife was extremely happy in that we saved a lot of money by performing this repair ourselves as well as her Mother’s Day was not ruined by the stress of dealing with this. I can’t thank you enough for this top notch operation you have!!”


Roy R: Amherst, NY

“I ordered a water pump at 6pm on 4/19/2017 for my LG washing machine shipped the same day 4/19/2017 at 9p, delivered 4/20/2017 at 10p. Sent from Canton, Mi. to Amherst, N.Y. Shipping cost was $9.35 the part was $66.45 total of $75.80. With the help of RepairClinic video I had my washer up and running in less than two days from the time I ordered the part. I have never received a FedEx ground shipment this fast and the part was perfect. I thank you for the short stress period dealing with no washer and will be using RepairClinic again.”


Paul M: Non-Profit CEO, Campbell, CA

“The left side door cable broke on my Samsung dishwasher. I called the repair department and they quoted me $75 diagnostic, $150 for the repair, and 4-weeks to fix it! So I got online and went to repairclinic.com, found the part, watched their repair video, and ordered the part. I repaired it myself in 30-minutes for under $12.00! Six months later the door cable on the right side broke so I ordered another from repairclinic.com, went through the install, and all is well. I strongly suggest that if you are replacing a part on one side that you replace the other side at the same time. This saves time and shipping!”


Matt C: Service Department Manager, Rockford, IL

“I live 88 miles NW of Chicago IL and in the middle of February 2017 my furnace stops working, freezing cold but not the end of the world. Before a back injury forced me into change careers into the IT field, I was an Illinois State Licensed Plumber and also certified in forced air and hydronic heating for 30 years so I had plenty of empathy for myself after helping thousands of others in my same situation. I googled the draft inducer assembly that I needed and Repair Clinic popped up and looked like a very good site to deal with. I paid a bit extra for shipping to get it faster and it arrived lightning fast just as promised! Fast forward 30 days and I came home to no heat again. Inducer was receiving power and when I wiggled the wiring it came on so I replaced the connector to the motor to rule that out. Nope, I had a "pickle" of a part. Now comes the good part out of all this.... I called them and with no hassle at all, they are sending another replacement part with express shipping. The gal on the line was a total sweetheart and very professional, perfect "service after the sale" scenario!!! Oh, and their price beat the local parts supplier by $96.00. You have a client for life, thanks to your policies and that nice gal on the phone. I wish I had noted her name!”


Joe and Daughter Elizabeth: Engineer, Northville, MI

“My daughter Elizabeth and I are pretty much fearless when it comes to projects. These include both creative new projects and lately, repair projects. We recently discovered RepairClinic.com online, and better yet, within a short drive to our house! A recent repair at a rental house involved three different trips for furnace parts – They had what we needed in stock, for a fair price, and with friendly customer service. The best thing about RepairClinic.com is that finding and getting parts, even out-of-the-ordinary parts, no longer has to be a big hassle! We will certainly use RepairClinic.com in the future and recommend it to our DIY friends!”


Jean-François D: Armed Forces Member, Carignan, QC

“I found your web site looking for a part for my washer. To get the part from a local place (I live in Canada) would have take 4-8 weeks as the part was out of stock. I decided to give your web site a try. Best decision ever! The part was in stock and the service was very fast! The cost, including delivery and currency conversion ended up costing the same as if I would've order from a local place! All that said, I want to thank Repair Clinic and please, keep up the outstanding service! You got yourself a new life long customer!”


Don M: Retired Truck Driver, Las Vegas, NV

“After my Coleman furnace give up I called an HVAC service and received an estimate of over $1,300.00 for repair. After paying him $90.00 for his professional opinion I found RepairClinic.com online. With their expert help I ordered the parts Tuesday morning, Fedex delivered them just before 1:00 pm on Thursday and with the great instructions that came with the parts, my furnace was up and running by 2:00 pm. Total cost $146.00. I am a retired  truck driver on social security, what a blessing.”


Greg B: Real Estate Appraiser, Wasilla, AK

“Sno blo no go. Needed parts. You found ‘em. $65 and about 45 minutes saved a $1,500 10 horse Craftsman. Sno blo go now! Thank you.”


R. Z: Hinckley, OH

“So...let's just say for many years I was a bachleor. A bachelor in a house with a nice oven. A nice oven that rarely got used! Years pass, I meet a nice lady, get married and what happens? I have my mother-in-law over for the holidays! An Italian mother-in-law that loves to cook! So after 3-4 days of heavy cookin', my oven stops heating. I watch the Repair Clinic videos, and determine it might be the temp sensor...I had tested the elements and found those to be okay. I went with the sensor thinking it had to be it....even though it tested okay. I install the sensor..nada. So...I figure it's the $$$ repair. The 200.00+ control board. My options were the local appliance repair shop with a electronics 'no return' policy or Repair Clinic with its 365 days return policy on anything! I go with Repair Clinic and order the board. I get it lightning fast and install...still no heat. I finally pull the oven from the wall and find a melted wire connector that had severed the connection on my 220 line. Seems a hot spot on the wire had caused the melting and failure... So, I box up the new control board and ship back to Repair Clinic for a full refund!!!! Cost of my oven repair? 20.00 for my misdiagnosed temp sensor!! Repair Clinic you and your return policy rock!!!!!!”