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Dare to Repair, Real Stories by Real Customers

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T. Nguyen: Chicago, IL

“Thank you so much for providing an amazing website for folks like us to be capable to repair our own appliances. We save money and headaches. We are also saving the landfill. Thank you for having also an amazing Customer Service that listen and tend to our needs, we really appreciate it.”


Andrew Brent: Finance Manager, Hobart, IN

“Thanks for the great customer service! I am so glad that I found you on the internet. I stopped by a local HVAC company yesterday to inquire about the part I purchased from you, and they basically told me I was out of luck, or that it would be very expensive. So thank you for being there!”


Dare to Repair. more than 3 Million Parts Available.

Erik N: Material Planner, South Bend, IN

“I needed a wheel assembly for my MTD snow blower, I looked all over town and all over the web. The repair clinic came up as one of several places that had the correct part and I am so glad I went with them. Service was absolutely great from start to finish. Just wanted to thank them personally for a job well done.”


Robert M: Electrician, Crofton, MA

“Having ordered from Repair Clinic several times in the past, I already knew this repair was going to be a snap. I had a bad element, found out where to find my model number, put this in, and found my part. Got the part and, as per usual, the part almost fell into place by itself! I can't believe how easy it is to do business with these people. Finding the model numbers? Done! Finding your correct parts? Done! Quick shipments? Done! Having the technician pop out of the package and put the part in for you? Done......just kidding. But almost.”


Dare to Repair. more than 3 Million Parts Available.

Kevin R: Retired, Tecumseh, MI

“I just wanted to tell you guys how pleased I am with your company. I've done business with you a couple of times. First time was washing machine parts. Last week was an oven element. Both times your parts were spot on perfect and the shipping was fast. Very happy customer.”


Kenny G: Retired, Angola, IN

“Our dryer quit at a bad time (there is never a good time), and I knew right where to go for the parts. RepairClinic.com. Your video made the repair easy and the part fit perfectly and functioned well. Don’t get rid of it, fix it!”


Ibis M: Dania Beach, FL

“It was the right part and my husband did the corresponding repair to the refrigerator that is working fine now. We are a team, my husband takes the part out of the appliance, I identify it and order the part or parts. It usually goes as expected. Thank you for the t-shirt. My husband is wearing it. In the picture, the refrigerator he fixed with the part we bought from the Repair Clinic”


Larry P: Tigard, OR

“Great Service, fair price and delivered exactly when you said that it would be. Original quality product as well.”


Dare to Repair. more than 3 Million Parts Available.

Jerard B: CFO, Middletown, NJ

“Coming from a humble background I was taught by my Dad to do DIY repairs rather replace anything that broke. Recently my GE Profile stove started to quit in the middle of baking and then finally just wouldn't heat anymore. I jot down the model number and search the problem on Repair Clinic , it took 1 minute and the problem solution was revealed to me. I ordered the part that was listed in the solution and repairs were completed three days later and 15 minutes after the box arrived at my door. I was looking at a $700.00 replacement cost but the part was $69.00, so in my mind I just saved $631.00 in replacement cost and probably $200.00 off what a repairman would have charged to do the repair. I love this site it has bailed me out on many occasion. Thanks RepairClinic.”


Tom B: Construction Surveyor, New Hampton, NY

“I’ve been using RepairClinic for years now to fix everything from my clothes washer, dryer refrigerator and lawn equipment. It’s my go to site for all my mower blades and air filters. I’ve saved hundreds of dollars using RepairClinics exact part match and prompt shipping methods. Thank you.”