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Dare to Repair, Real Stories by Real Customers

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Jeff W: Retired Machinist, Appleton, WI

“My dear wife informed me that our washer would no longer wash. It filled with water just fine but would not agitate. After a close inspection I determined that the problem was associated with the lid switch. Repair Clinic made me look like a Pro. Put in the data for the washer and the symptoms. Presto! Diagnosis and parts. As a bonus, a video of the repair procedure. My wife now thinks that I'm some kind of Super Hero. I can't blame her, I am thanks to Repair Clinic.”


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Shelley P: Electronic Technician, Groton, CT

“I have a Frigidaire front load washer that is only 3 years old. I did a load of wash and when I open it up to put the clothes in the dryer they were still all wet. I tried a few things i.e. resetting the washer, running a different cycle… I knew that the drum was turning and the drain pump was draining the water, water was going into the tub, it just wouldn’t continue on to the spin cycle. I used your site and entered my model number( you even showed me where to find the model#) and selected the problem I was having – won’t do spin cycle. I decided to try the door locking motor as I has seen a little water leaking from the bottom of the door previously. I ordered the part with Fedex ground shipping on Monday around 6 pm EST and it arrived Wednesday around noon. When I got home from work, I installed the motor put the washer back together and it worked!!! Thanks so much. Your videos showed me how to disassemble/ reassemble everything. It was all much easier than I thought it would be. Thanks again.”


Mark K: Digital Marketing Professional, Mamaroneck, NY

“I'm a modestly mechanical guy at best, but using your parts and tutorials I've been able to make major repairs to my washing machine and dishwasher. Really amazing!”


Kelly F: Science Teacher, Santa Rita, GU

“My Whirlpool washer was warranted for one year. On day 366 my bride informed me that it would no longer enter high speed spin. Your site helped me (correctly) diagnose it as the shift actuator and showed me how to replace it. I am now a hero. A thousand thanks!”


Bruce G: Distinguished Professor Emeritus, Bethel, ME

“I am very impressed with your service and am grateful for your help. Many thanks. The representative I worked with this afternoon is Cheyanne. I want to thank her for her assistance and to let you know how courteous and knowledgeable she was in helping me and my wife. Good for you in hiring someone as excellent as she is. Good for her, too. Many thanks to you Cheyanne and to Repair Clinic.”


Paul A: IT Management, Allendale, NJ

“My wife put a load of laundry into our six year-old front-load LG washing machine. 15 minutes later as she was leaving the house she heard a loud bang. It was the door of the machine being blasted open by the force of water that had completely filled the unit and was continuing to run. She managed to reach the shut-off valves despite the flood and spent the next three hours mopping up. I called LG and they were happy to offer a flat-rate out-of-warranty service call for only $440 with a wait of four days for the first available appointment. Yeah, no. Instead, I went to repairclinic.com and used the resources to track down the problem as a $21 hot-water inlet valve. The step-by-step how-to video showed that the washer had been engineered for these valves to be replaced with minimal effort. Considering the size of the mess this little item can cause – and what appeared to be LG planned obsolescence to fund their service organization - I decided to replace the other two inlet valves as well for a total of only $125, including next day delivery! Take that LG!! I placed the order at 7:45PM EDT and the genuine LG parts were amazingly on our doorstep 16 hours later as promised. On opening the washer top, I found everything exactly as in the video. The hardest part of this repair was unstacking the dryer! Five stars for every part of the Repair Clinic experience: Low prices; Great how-to resources; Blazing fast, on-time delivery. Thanks for rescuing us and making me look like the washing machine repair hero, Repair Clinic!”


Michael Moon: Computer Software Sales, Scottsdale, AZ

“Once again the Repair Clinic saves the day. This is my second time working with you guys. My Samsung Dryer would not stop spinning any time the power was on. I went directly to the Repair Clinics web site, they diagnosed the problem in about 30 seconds! I watched the excellent installation video ordered the part which came super-fast and installed the new control unit in about 15 minutes and saved a bunch of cash. Repair man wanted $485.00, part plus shipping was $98.14. Thanks again for your wonderful service. Mike Moon, customer for life!”


Dominick C: Old Bridge, NJ

“I just wanted to thank you for all your help. We have our house up for sale, and we did have a showing scheduled for Saturday Aug. 26th Well of course we had a washing machine leak on our LG machine on Thursday. The pump housing coin clean out was the problem. With the help from your tech department they found the exact housing assembly as there were two different ones. So I ordered the housing and new coin trap. I watched the step by step video on how to change the parts. Parts were FedX Saturday Morning and installed, just in time for our house showing. Great price on parts & reasonable shipping costs. Thanks again Repair Clinic.”


J. B: Retired Fireman, Lapine, OR

“Thank you repair clinic for helping us diagnose the problem with our LG top loading washing machine. We were unable to get a call back from numerous appliance repair companies let alone someone to come out and fix our machine. Your online videos and excellent instructions allowed us to order the correct parts and fix it ourselves. Thank you so much. Will definitely pass on this great service.”


Mike P: Retired Biologist, Goulais River, ON

“We had been given a stove from a brief acquaintance last fall, and discovered there were problems with oven function. After ordering parts from Repair Clinic at various intervals in order to try and fix the problem, I finally gave up (after considerable amount of purchases) as I could not rectify the problem. I found delivery to be very prompt, and if an item was on backorder I was always notified up-front prior to purchase. The best part is that in returning the parts a full refund was provided promptly and efficiently to my credit card. This is a quality company. I highly recommend Repair Clinic to anyone attempting their own repairs.”