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Dare to Repair, Real Stories by Real Customers

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Don L: Retired, Holtwood, PA

“I always like to try to repair things myself first. So when my refrigerator's ice maker started acting up I decided to look into it by going to RepairClinic.com site, since they had helped me so much before. I started by changing the ice maker itself, but I still got excess water in the tub. So I changed the controller switch and that solved the problem. I figured I'm still way ahead by not paying a service call and I get a lot of pleasure by fixing it myself. Repair clinic gets me the right parts and tells me how to change them, but I get the credit for fixing it. It’s definitely a win.”


Kayla B: Property Coordinator, Bowling Green, KY

“I am sincerely impressed with the customer service help Repair Clinic offers. I lost my shipping label and messaged live chat. I was able to submit my name, email address, and order number before I got started. I asked if I could receive a copy of the return label and within minutes it was in my email. They made this a painless process and am so thankful for their quick response! I work in property management so I'm always ordering parts and it can be a hassle to do so. This experience alone is reason enough to use them again in the future!”


Brian M: Professional Engineer, Vancouver, BC

“Our 6 year old Danby minifridge stopped working. Hydro had the power to the house down and I figured when they reconnected, something in the fridge got fried. I called in the repair guy who had a look and said they no longer made parts for it and we’d have to buy a new fridge. That seemed odd, so I took the fridge apart - there were only 2 boards - a control board and a power board. I looked on line and sure enough, there they were at Repair Clinic. I changed both boards out and the fridge fired up as good as new. Saved us several hundred dollars.”


Roger S: Retired, Hudson, WI

“After 31 years the drum belt broke in the Maytag dryer. Wife said to call someone to repair it. Naw, I can do this. Got the belt and started to take the dryer apart. I might have went too far but it’s back together and running fine.”


Robert S: Sundre, Alberta, AB

“I really enjoy my online contacts with RepairClinic. Any parts I've needed always arrive within a couple of days. A few years back when my older GE fridge went on the frits - over a weekend, I was able to search out a suitable thermostat and placed my order online either Saturday or Sunday night and had the replacement within days. Luckily that problem was with thermo not shutting off and inconvenience was limited to remembering to start and stop the fridge several times each day and night. Not ideal situation but new thermostat has been working ever since. A new fridge would have cost $700 to $800! Similar experience with my top load washing machine when the shutoff/temp control stopped working. A couple of days after placing online order the mixer valve arrived and the machine was back in business thanks to RepairClinic.com We live in a rural area in west central Alberta one hour NW of Calgary and during winter months keep a moderate fire going in our airtight fireplace day and night. House is heated mainly by a propane furnace which cuts in and out as required but with the firewood from dead and down trees on our property our heating bills are minimal. To enable us to do so we lay in a really good supply of firewood using the loader bucket on the old tractor and a couple of Homelite chainsaws. Not mentioned are the countless hours spent bucking up and splitting and stacking !! One of the saws is 10 years old while the other is closer to 30 yrs. I've been able to keep both of them and other small gas engines going with various parts and repair kits ordered online from RepairClinic. Website repair tips offered are timely and a very handy resource. Must add that I made up a harness for my little dog and if going over bumpy terrain she is harnessed and the tie strap is hooked to an eyelet on the roll-over beam behind and to left of her head - just in case!! Being able to order from Repair Clinic online 24/7 at any time day or night makes it so much easier to be self-sufficient!”


Jeff W: Retired Machinist, Appleton, WI

“My dear wife informed me that our washer would no longer wash. It filled with water just fine but would not agitate. After a close inspection I determined that the problem was associated with the lid switch. Repair Clinic made me look like a Pro. Put in the data for the washer and the symptoms. Presto! Diagnosis and parts. As a bonus, a video of the repair procedure. My wife now thinks that I'm some kind of Super Hero. I can't blame her, I am thanks to Repair Clinic.”


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Shelley P: Electronic Technician, Groton, CT

“I have a Frigidaire front load washer that is only 3 years old. I did a load of wash and when I open it up to put the clothes in the dryer they were still all wet. I tried a few things i.e. resetting the washer, running a different cycle… I knew that the drum was turning and the drain pump was draining the water, water was going into the tub, it just wouldn’t continue on to the spin cycle. I used your site and entered my model number( you even showed me where to find the model#) and selected the problem I was having – won’t do spin cycle. I decided to try the door locking motor as I has seen a little water leaking from the bottom of the door previously. I ordered the part with Fedex ground shipping on Monday around 6 pm EST and it arrived Wednesday around noon. When I got home from work, I installed the motor put the washer back together and it worked!!! Thanks so much. Your videos showed me how to disassemble/ reassemble everything. It was all much easier than I thought it would be. Thanks again.”


Mark K: Digital Marketing Professional, Mamaroneck, NY

“I'm a modestly mechanical guy at best, but using your parts and tutorials I've been able to make major repairs to my washing machine and dishwasher. Really amazing!”


Kelly F: Science Teacher, Santa Rita, GU

“My Whirlpool washer was warranted for one year. On day 366 my bride informed me that it would no longer enter high speed spin. Your site helped me (correctly) diagnose it as the shift actuator and showed me how to replace it. I am now a hero. A thousand thanks!”


Bruce G: Distinguished Professor Emeritus, Bethel, ME

“I am very impressed with your service and am grateful for your help. Many thanks. The representative I worked with this afternoon is Cheyanne. I want to thank her for her assistance and to let you know how courteous and knowledgeable she was in helping me and my wife. Good for you in hiring someone as excellent as she is. Good for her, too. Many thanks to you Cheyanne and to Repair Clinic.”