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Hot water dispenser

Maintenance tips for your
hot water dispenser

Countertop hot water dispensers provide instant, nearly-boiling (at 190 degrees Fahrenheit and approximately 87 degrees Celsius) water for tea, coffee and cooking purposes.

How to care for your hot water dispenser

1. Clean the spout

Hot water dispenser spout

Periodically use warm water and a small amount of dish soap to clean the spout. Avoid using harsh cleaning solutions, as spouts are often made of chrome-covered plastic and therefore are vulnerable to damage.

2. Every few years, drain the water tank, if you have hard water

Hot water dispenser tank

Over time, if you have hard water, minerals and sediment may accumulate inside of the tank. If left alone, your hot water dispenser will have to work harder to heat the water. If your dispenser's tank has a drain plug, drain the tank once or twice per year to remove buildup and keep your dispenser working properly.

3. Use great care when dispensing water from the spout

Caution hot water

At 190 degrees F (87 degrees C), this water is much hotter than standard hot tap water. Unlike your home's hot water which can take up to a full minute to reach its peak temperature, the water from this dispenser is hot immediately.

Hot water dispenser frequently asked questions

As hot water is used, cold water enters the tank. The heating element then turns on to heat up the water, usually in just a few minutes. You may notice that after dispensing several cups of hot water, you will need to wait five or 10 minutes for the water to reheat.

No. The water dispensed from your hot water dispenser will taste the same as your regular tap water.

Yes, you can attach a water filter to the incoming water supply line to the water tank.