Lennox Air Handler Model AM30Q3-70-2 Parts

Lennox Air Handler Model AM30Q3-70-2 Parts
Product:Air Handler

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Run Capacitor. Single, Oval, 370 volt, 5 Microfarad.

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Capacitor single run 7.5 MFD 370 Volt oval

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Furnace blower motor. This single-phase motor has the following specifications:

Horsepower: 1/3
Voltage: 115
Full-Load Amperage: 5.1
Hertz: 60
RPM: 1075
Speeds: 4
Rotation: Counterclockwise
Frame: 48
Enclosure: Open
Shaft Length: 4.25”

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1/2HP 115Volts 60Hz 8 amp 1075 RPM's 5 Speed Open Enclosure 48Y Frame Single Phase CCW 3" Shaft. Any unused wires will need to be taped off or put on the "park" terminals on the control board. These terminals are there specifically for unused wires.

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Blower wheel, 10 5/8 length 10 5/8 diameter, 1/2 inch bore

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Transformer, 120 Volt Primary 24 Volt Secondary 40 VA

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