Westinghouse Range/Stove/Oven Model CWEF312FSB Parts

Westinghouse Range/Stove/Oven Model CWEF312FSB Parts

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Oven bake element. The terminals are male quarter inch spade connectors. The wires push onto the heating elements connectors. If the oven does not bake then the element could have burned out.

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Stove top surface element terminal block kit with interchangeable mounting brackets. The kit also includes ceramic wire nuts, heat shrink protective tubing, and wires. If the element works intermittently then the receptacle may be making poor contact with the element and needs replacement.

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Surface element control switch for the large surface element. If the surface element is not heating the element can be tested to determine if it is defective. If not, the switch is likely causing the problem.

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Oven temperature sensor *May require cutting and splicing wire connector

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Front glide for oven drawer. Requires (2) one for each side. For the rear glides see related parts below.

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Rear glide for oven lower storage drawer.

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8 Inch electric coil surface element with looped terminals, 2600 watts. 5 turns. If the surface element does not have continuity (an unbroken electrical circuit), the surface element won't heat.

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Electronic oven control board. Also known as electronic clock control. Displays the time of day and controls the oven bake, broil functions.

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Surface element control switch for the small surface element

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Appliance light bulbs (2 pack).

-40 Watts

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Oven anti-tip bracket kit. This bracket helps to secure the range and prevent it from tipping over.

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Terminal block kit for electric range and dryer power cords.

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