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11 ways to loweryour
heating bill

  1. Clean the inside of your furnace.
    Remove your furnace's access panel and use a long vacuum attachment to remove dust and debris.
  2. Replace your furnace air filter.
    Changing furnace filters A clean air filter is extremely important to the efficient operation of your heating system and to the quality of the air in your home.
    Shop Furnace or Air Handler Air Filters
  3. Make sure floor registers (a.k.a. vent covers, vent grills or diffusers) are free from obstruction.
    Relocate furniture, rugs and drapes or curtains that may impede proper air flow.
  4. Consider installing a programmable thermostat.
    Programmable thermostat According to the U.S. Department of Energy, you can save as much as 10 percent every year on heating costs by lowering your thermostat temperature by seven to 10 degrees Fahrenheit for eight hours per day. A programmable thermostat makes it easy to adjust your home's temperature for different times of the day such as when you're at work. Some Wi-Fi-enabled models enable remote access.
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  5. Dress warmer.
    Swap thin lounge wear for thicker attire and slippers. This may enable you to reduce the thermostat temperature by at least a few degrees without a change in your comfort level.
  6. Add door sweeps to outside doors.
  7. Ensure that your home is properly sealed.
    • Replace worn weatherstripping around windows and doors.
    • Close the fireplace flue damper if you have a fireplace.
    • Use expanding foam, available at home improvement retailers, to seal holes around a home's exterior.
  8. Install plastic insulator wrap over windows.
    Some brands of plastic window film are more efficient and easier to set up than others; it's wise to read customer reviews about your options prior to making a purchase decision.
  9. Hang thick drapes and curtains to block evening drafts.
    Remember to keep window coverings drawn during the day to allow sunlight to warm the room.
  10. Add insulation to your attic.
  11. Pay attention to changes in your furnace's performance.
    Troubleshoot at the first signs of problems such as increased or new noise.
    Furnace Repair Help

While some of these suggestions apply only to northern-region homes, our Maintenance Tips provide energy-saving recommendations for heating and cooling equipment and major home appliances for all regions.

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