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Killer home appliance
& how
to stay safe

Here are our life-saving tips to keep you and your family safe
from home appliance-related dangers:

How to prevent a range-tipping accident:


Most ranges include an anti-tip or mounting bracket designed to secure it to the floor. This will keep the range firmly in place, even if there is pressure on the oven door (i.e. a child sitting on it).

You can find anti-tip, mounting-brackets for ranges here. Enter your range's model number to find the bracket designed specifically for it.

How to prevent a dryer fire:

Dryer Lint Fire Every year, dryers cause thousands of residential fires across the country. The primary cause is lint buildup. Here's how to prevent a fire in your home:

  • Clean out the lint filter (a.k.a. lint trap) after every load.
  • Annually, clean the entire venting system with a long brush and vacuum cleaner.
  • Pay attention to drying time: If it's taking longer for clothes to dry, it's likely that lint is clogging the venting system and you'll need to clean it out a.s.a.p.
  • For gas dryers, install a monitor to detect air restriction and sound an alarm. Consider Lint Alert.
  • Replace white vinyl venting with an aluminum equivalent such as this semi-rigid vent duct tubing.

How to prevent carbon monoxide poisoning:

Odorless, colorless carbon monoxide is known as the silent killer for good reason.

  • Install carbon monoxide detectors throughout your home, especially near bedrooms or other rooms occupied for hours at a time.
  • Operate outdoor power equipment and generators outside only.
  • Never use a gas range-stove-cooktop to warm a home.

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