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Find the tune-up kit for your model

Enter your ENGINE model number:

Help Me Find My Lawn Mower Engine Model Number

Find the engine model number near the spark plug, on sheet metal near the muffler, on the recoil starter or under the engine shroud.

Small Engine Tune-Up Kit

For a limited time

Kit contents vary but most include motor oil, fuel stabilizer, air filter, spark plug and step-by-step tune-up instructions.

Please note that some models may not have a specific tune-up kit recommended for them. However, results will display all individual parts and accessories recommended for these models.

How to get your lawnmower ready for spring

Tuned Mower

Tuning up your engine will:

  • Improve efficiency
  • Reduce emissions
  • Prevent costly repairs
  • Extend the life of your lawn mower

Other lawn mower maintenance tips

Check tire pressure

Inspect the wheels.

Follow the owner's manual for instructions on how to remove and inspect the lawn mower's wheels. The wheel tread depth must be adequate for the mower to self-propel. As the wheels wear out, the mower will require more effort to push.



Spray a degreaser on oil stains. Allow it to sit for 10-15 minutes before wiping with a clean cloth. Rinse with a hose.

Check mower blade

Check the blade and replace, if needed.

Look for bends, dents and other damage to the blade. To prevent risk of injury, the blade should be replaced right away if any damage is found. Also, a sharp blade is important to a proper cut. Dull blades tear the grass, rather than cut cleanly. A blade should be sharpened every season and replaced every one to three years, depending on usage. A universal blade is not recommended, due to safety issues related to the metal used and problems with poor mounting. Only the blade recommended by the manufacturer should be used. Enter your lawn mower model number to find the blade(s) recommended for you model.

Spray lubricant

Spray lubricant on any bare metal undercarriage parts to prevent rusting.

Check the mower owner's manual for the recommended way to handle oil replacement. Most small engine repair shops and auto parts stores have a free recycling program for used oil.

String trimmer maintenance tips

String trimmer tune-up kit

Find a tune-up kit for your string trimmer engine.

Enter your string trimmer model number in the tune-up kit search field above.

String trimmer air filter

Clean air filter.

Clean the air filter after every four hours of usage. Replace the air filter every 100 hours of use or every three months.

String trimmer fuel filter

Change the fuel filter.

In most models, fuel filters can be removed and cleaned. Some fuel filters are located in the fuel line and others are located inside of the fuel tank. Be sure to consult your owner's manual for information about this. If you find debris clogging the mesh screen inside the filter, replace it.

String trimmer spark arrestor

Clean/replace the spark arrestor.

Clean/replace the spark arrestor every 25 hours of use or once per season. Note that if your model has a fiberglass spark arrestor, it should be discarded and replaced, as this type cannot be cleaned and reused.

String trimmer line replacement

Replace the cutting line.

Over time, string trimmer line (a.k.a. string) weakens to become brittle and easily breakable. Use star, cross and square-shaped string. These shapes create cutting edges that enable you to move through an area significantly faster than round-shaped string. Most importantly, it provides a cleaner cut that means a healthier lawn with reduced likelihood of browned tips. Enter your string trimmer model number to find the recommended line.

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