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How to fix a washing machine that won’t spin


One of the most common questions we receive at RepairClinic is: “My washing machine won’t spin. What’s wrong with it?”

While there are several possible causes for this washer symptom, a common cause is a defective lid switch. Lid switches break over time. Located near the washing machine’s lid frame (a.k.a. door frame), the lid switch serves as a safety feature in washing machines. When the lid switch fails – electrically or mechanically – it can prevent the washing machine from working entirely.

Find out if this part is the cause of a washing machine not spinning by testing the lid switch for continuity using a digital multi-meter.

Watch our helpful how-to video for this DIY job:

Find the correct lid switch assembly for your model when you enter your washer’s model number in our search engine:

There, you may also find a lid switch assembly replacement how-to video similar to the following:

RepairClinic has repair help for several other common washing machine issues including not starting, not filling, making noises, not agitating, filling slowly, overfilling, stopping mid-cycle, leaking and others.

Washing machine repair help

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