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Five Easy Fixes for Your Appliances

5 Easy Fixes for Your Appliances

To keep your household appliances running smoothly, we have five easy fixes for common problems:

Problem 1: Refrigerator is running constantly.

Possible fix: Dust and pet fur may be smothering the heat-dissipating condenser coils, which are the black coils located at the back or beneath the unit. Clean them off using a condenser-coil cleaning brush ($9).

Problem 2: Garbage disposal motor is not working.

Possible fix: Push the reset button located beneath or on the side of the unit and use a quarter-inch Allen wrench in the bottom of the unit to free up the motor. You can also get a special garbage disposer wrench if you'd like. ($0-$7))

Problem 3: Lawn mower is not starting.

Possible fix: Replace lawn mower spark plug or clean out bad fuel from the carburetor ($3-$7).

Problem 4: Dryer is taking too long to dry clothes.

Possible fix: Clean out the lint buildup in dryer venting from the inside of the dryer to the outside. Hire professionals or make it a low-cost, DIY job using a long dryer vent cleaning brush ($39). A related fix could be cleaning or replacing the lint filter ($20-$35), which may become coated and clogged due to dryer sheet residue.

Problem 5: Washing machine rocks or moves too much when in use.

Possible fix: Level the machine by adjusting the front and rear legs. Consult the owner’s manual for instructions on this process, as it varies by brand and for front or top-load models. ($0)

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