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Four signs you need a new lawn mower blade

Your lawn mower blade may have taken a beating after a summer of mowing.

People often ask, “How do I know when I need to change my lawn mower blade?”

Here are four signs it’s time to replace your blade:

Safety first: Before inspecting your lawn mower blade or completing any maintenance work, be sure to first disconnect the spark plug boot that covers the spark plug. This will prevent the lawn mower from starting. Follow your lawn mower owner’s manual instructions for blade maintenance. When removing or installing a blade, place a thick, wood block in the undercarriage to prevent blade movement. Always wear protective work gloves when handling blades. An aged, dull blade is still dangerously sharp.


1. It’s more than two years old.

As a general rule of thumb, a mower blade should be replaced every one to two years for safety and performance purposes.


2. It’s bent.

It’s extremely common for blades to bend when you accidentally mow over rocks or other large objects. A bent, off-balance blade is a safety concern and may cause premature damage to the lawn mower such as destroying the bearings.


3. It’s dull and you’ve already sharpened it twice.

A sharp blade is essential to a healthy lawn. Dull blades tear grass, rather than cut, causing ragged tips and a widespread yellow hue over the lawn. If you’ve already sharpened the blade twice, it’s best to replace the blade. Repeated sharpening weakens blades, making them brittle and more susceptible to dangerous damage.


4. There are dents, gouges and/or pieces missing.

Deep dents, gouges and missing pieces are a major safety hazard. If there is any damage, it’s time to replace your blade. Pebbles and other small debris can be propelled at high speeds, which can cause fatal accidents. Damaged blades increase the risk of objects being propelled.

Other important safety reminders:

  • Always use the blades recommended by the lawn mower manufacturer for your particular model. This is important to safety and to the proper operation of the lawn mower. Blades marketed as a “universal” fit should be avoided.


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