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Five Home Noises You Shouldnt Ignore

Five Home Noises You Shouldn’t Ignore

As a homeowner, you know the typical noises of your house: the hum of the refrigerator, the whir of your dishwasher or the clunk of the furnace turning on. However, there are some not-so-good appliance or HVAC noises that you should pay close attention to before they go from just noisy to full-on frightening. Here are five scary home noises you should never avoid: 

  1. Washing Machine
    Okay, so there are about a dozen reasons your washing machine could be making too much noise. It could be a bearing issue, a defective tub seal, drive pulley, motor coupling, clutch, drive belt or some other issue. Chances are a part will need to be replaced. Check out this repair help article to help you diagnose the problem.
  2. Refrigerator
    If your fridge is making more noise than usual, it may be a fan issue. Either the fan blade is rubbing against something, the evaporator fan motor or condenser fan motor are kaput, the compressor is worn out or the water inlet valve needs to be replaced. This helpful article walks you through all these issue.
  3. Dishwasher
    There are several parts that could be at fault when your dishwasher is making a ruckus, so be prepared to potentially replace the drain or circulation pump, wash impeller, pump and motor assembly, circulation and drain pump motor or the water inlet valve. Learn more about these repairs here.
  4. Bathroom Fan
    Being less complicated than a refrigerator or dishwasher, there are probably only three parts causing your bathroom fan to rumble: the exhaust fan motor bearings may be worn out, the blower wheel could be rubbing against something or is defective or the fan blade could be damaged or obstructed. Click here to read more about these parts and issues. 
  5. Furnace
    Is your furnace sounding like it could blow the house down? Then you might want to see if the blower wheel is loose or damaged, the blower motor is worn out, the draft inducer motor is defective or the draft inducer blower wheel needs replacing. Troubleshoot your furnace problems here.

If you’re dealing with any of the above issues, you’ll need to find your model number before you can truly diagnose the problem. Keep in mind that Repair Clinic only sells authentic appliance parts, not generic. Your appliances will thank you!

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