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Great tools to make fall yard maintenance easier


Fall is a beloved season across North America. However, in Canada and many parts of the U.S. , the weather change brings a substantial amount of yard work for homeowners.

Here are a few great, often underrated tools for fall yard work:

1. The basic, fan-shaped rake.
This one might seem a tad obvious but people often mistakenly use heavy, weeding/soil-loosening rakes for simple debris clearing. Lightweight rakes are perfect for gathering fallen leaves and other debris.

2. The leaf blower.
Most people clear debris by raking and using a lawn mower’s mulching function. A leaf blower is another tool that may make the job faster and easier. This is a great option for those with large yards or several trees.

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3. The chainsaw.
Chainsaws make pruning bushes and trees a much simpler job. You can clear brush that’s too thick for a string trimmer or pole pruner. It’s also helpful with cleaning up tangled branches and trees caused by storm damage.

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4. The wood chipper/wood shredder.
A wood chipper/shredder makes good use of fallen leaves, twigs and other debris by transforming them into nutrient-packed fertilizer for your lawn. These tools can be rented from garden centers and equipment rental facilities.

Have a great autumn season!

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