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5 Ways To A Successful Holiday Season

5 Ways To A Successful Holiday Season

The day that your 20 closest friends and relatives are coming over for dinner isn’t the time to discover your oven isn’t working. Or your refrigerator, dishwasher or any other kitchen appliance, for that matter! You’ve already planned ahead for the food, dishes and snacks – why not plan ahead to ensure all of your appliance are clean and operating correctly so there’s no last minute surprises.

Repair Clinic has eight simple ways to help you prevent any hosting disasters:

  1. Run self-clean on your oven at least two weeks before the event.
    Self-clean temperatures run pretty high, so there’s a small risk you could damage an electrical component or the door latch. Running the self-cleaning cycle well ahead of time gives you wiggle room in case you need to repair anything. Get oven repair help here.
  2. Check that the range vent hood is clean and functioning.
    If it’s not working, stop by our range vent hood repair help page to fix it, your guests will be happy you did!
    • If it is working, get a non-abrasive cleaning spray to remove any built-up grease and dirt from both the interior and exterior of the hood. Just don’t spray the light bulb, it won’t like it!
    • Clean the grease off of the air filter – the thin, silver screen. If it uses a charcoal filter, you may want to replace it. Look at your owner’s manual before taking the filter out to clean. 
  3. Give your dishwasher a once-over.
  4. Tune up your refrigerator.
    The fridge is one of the most popular appliances in the house and gets plenty of use when you entertain. Give it some TLC now to avoid a future fiasco. Visit our refrigerator repair help page if you need extra assistance.
    • Clean out the condenser coils behind or underneath your refrigerator. They can get covered in dust and dirt, which makes them work harder and could damage the fridge. A long-handled bristled brush is the best way to clean them off, or use a special vacuum attachment.
    • Replace the water filter for better-tasting water and ice. This is a fairly simple fix and is something you should do every six to 12 months.
    • Check the refrigerator’s gasket/rubber door seal. This is what keeps the cold air in and warm air out. If it looks worn, it’s worth it to replace.
    • Do the all-out inside clean with a warm, wet rag and household cleaner. For fridge drawers and shelves that are extra dirty, just pull them out and wash them in the sink. If they’re looking a little worn or are cracked, you’ve got time to replace the refrigerator shelves and drawers before you entertain.
  5. Wipe down your microwave.
    Splatters are a common occurrence in microwaves, so get some warm, soapy water to remove them. Tougher stains may need a special cleaner. The glass tray can go in the dishwasher. If it’s chipped or cracked, you may want to get a new glass tray. Visit our microwave repair help page for additional assistance.

Once you’re done, that will be five less things you’ll need to worry about when you entertain. Now all you have to worry about is the food, friends/family and fun!

Repair Clinic has millions of appliance parts available for same-day shipping and we offer a 365 return policy guarantee. Call 800-269-2609 if you need help placing an order today.

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