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Handheld outdoor power equipment: Power head and attachments vs. individual tools


With the season of weddings comes new home ownership!

We frequently hear from these first-time DIY landscapers who are excited to learn that they can fix and improve their hand-me-down outdoor power equipment from friends and relatives by using our free Repair Help information.

When it comes to purchasing new outdoor power equipment, they tell us that they’re overwhelmed by it.

On the subject of handheld outdoor power equipment, we’re often asked: “Is it better to buy a power head and attachments as needed or buy the tools individually?

Echo Pro Attachment Series. See for information.

Echo Pro Attachment Series. See for information.

It certainly depends on a homeowner’s specific needs but I often recommend purchasing a power head from a respected outdoor power equipment brand and buying the attachments as needed. Today, string trimmers, edgers, hedge trimmers, pole pruners, leaf blowers and other staple tools are available as universal attachments to power heads.

These are the advantages:

  • It’s cheaper than buying each tool individually.
  • It reduces time and cost associated with maintenance. You’ll only have one engine to maintain.

Do they work well? I’ve been a professional landscaper for 25 years and I regularly use my power head and trimmer and edger attachments so I say, yes! sells maintenance items for these products including tune-up kits and replacement parts.

Before making any decisions about what type of outdoor power equipment as well as brand/models to buy, check out reviews by Consumer Reports and other respected publications.

Also, it’s wise to become familiar with how outdoor power equipment actually works so that you can properly maintain them. Check out our How it Works playlist on our YouTube channel.

Kawasaki MultiTask Power Head

Kawasaki Multi-Task Power Series. See for information.

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