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Overlooked Lawn Equipment Tips to Take Care of Them Now

Tips For Taking Care Of Overlooked Lawn Equipment

You can find tons of advice on how to take care of lawn mowers and snowblowers, but not much in between. Repair Clinic thought it was time to focus on the more ignored pieces of lawn equipment such as string trimmers, edgers, leaf blowers and chainsaws and share some simple maintenance tips to ensure they’re in working order when you need them.

String Trimmer

Simply the process with our string trimmer tune-up kit with air and fuel filters as well as a spark plug.


You may want to get our edger tune-up kit has air and fuel filters as well as a spark plug.

Leaf Blower

Repair Clinic has a leaf blower tune-up kit complete with air and fuel filters as well as a spark plug.


  • Examine for Loose Bolts or Screws – This is something to do before and after each use.
  • Inspect the Air and Fuel Filter and the Fuel Line – If the air filter, fuel filter or fuel line on your chainsaw appear clogged or damaged, you’ll want to replace them. Air filters should be replaced every 100 hours of use or every three months.
  • Check the Chain – This is important to do before each use and at the end of the season. If you find any damage, replace the chain before using it again. If it’s dull, you can get the chain professionally sharpened or you can buy a kit to do it yourself It’s usually cheaper and easier to simply replace the chain.
  • Replace the Spark Arrestor –Plan on replacing the spark arrestor every 25 hours of use or once per season.
  • Change the Spark Plug – Once the season is over, change your chainsaw’s spark plug. Read your owner’s manual for instructions.  
  • Clean the Battery Terminal – if your chainsaw is battery-operated, you’ll want to follow the owner’s manual instructions on how to clean the battery terminal.
  • Lubricate the Bar and Chain – Use special bar and chain oil to lubricate the bar, it has more viscosity and lasts longer than conventional motor oil.
  • Degrease – At the end of each season of use, use a degreaser on greasy and dirty areas of your chainsaw.

To make life easier, you may want to get a chainsaw tune-up kit that includes an air filter, fuel filter and spark plug.

If you need additional assistance with any of the above lawn equipment parts, we have repair help pages for string trimmers, edgers, leaf blowers  and chainsaws. Repair Clinic has millions of parts available for same-day shipping  and we offer a 365 return policy guarantee. Call 800-269-2609 if you need help placing an order today.

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