Are You Snowblowing the Right Way?

Are You Snowblowing The Right Way?

Did you know there’s a right and wrong way to snowblow your driveway? Sure, no matter what way you use your snowblower you’ll end up with less snow on your driveway … But Repair Clinic has some useful tips to help you clear the snow quicker and easier. You’ll be inside drinking hot cocoa that much sooner!

  1. Watch the Wind
    Before you start your snowblower, see which way the wind is blowing. There’s nothing more discouraging than having snow blow back onto your driveway!
  2. Adjust the Slide Shoes
    If you don’t already know, the slide or skid shoes on your snowblower are small metal pieces on the sides that stop the auger from coming into contact with the driveway. If your driveway is paved, put the slide shoes on their lowest setting to get the most amount of snow up from the drive. For gravel driveways, put them a bit higher to keep the gravel in place. If the slide shoes are damaged or worn, you’ll want to replace them.
  3. Pick Your Path
    If there’s wind, start on the upwind side of the driveway and go up and down the driveway, changing the direction of the chute with each turn to keep the snow blowing with the wind. If you’re lucky and there’s no wind, work in a rectangular pattern, starting in the center of the driveway. There’s no need to change the direction of your chute if it’s not windy. Need a new chute?
  4. Clear a Clog
    If the snow is heavy and wet, it could cause your snowblower to clog. While your first reaction is to remove the snow with your hands – don't! Instead, use a small shovel or a broom handle to clean any snow or ice jamming the auger or shoot. Be sure to shut the motor off a few minutes before clearing the clog. To stop clogs from happening, use a nonstick spray on areas on your snowblower that come in contact with snow.
  5. Keep it Maintained
    There are a few simple maintenance tasks you should do to keep your snowblower running smoothly:

If your snowblower won’t start or you’re having other problems, check out our Snowblower Repair Help or our library of snowblower repair videos.

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