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Four Ways to Fix a Noisy Furnace

4 Ways to Fix a Noisy Furnace

Is your noisy furnace keeping you up at night? When your furnace starts clanging or rattling, it’s telling you there’s something wrong. Repair Clinic has the four main reasons your furnace is noisy and how to fix it:

  1. Blower Wheel
    The blower wheel is what takes the warm air from the furnace and sends it throughout your house. If the screw that attaches the blower wheel to the motor shaft becomes loose, it could cause the wheel to wobble and become noisy. First, make sure the screw is tight. If it is, then check the blower wheel itself for damage. It may be time to replace it.
  2. Blower Motor
    The bearings on your furnace’s blower motor could be worn out. Check out your owner’s manual and see if the motor can be lubricated. If it can, try this first. If lubricating the motor doesn’t stop the noise, replace it.
  3. Draft Inducer Motor
    Your furnace’s draft inducer motor draws air into the burner and then sends it out the flue. Check to see if the motor’s bearings are worn. If they are, then you’ll want to replace the draft inducer motor.
  4. Draft Inducer Blower Wheel
    The draft inducer blower wheel blows air through your furnace’s burner system. Check it out for damage – like a separated center hub or broken fins. If you find damage, you’ll want to replace the draft inducer blower wheel.

If you need additional assistance, visit our Furnace Repair Help page or the Repair Clinic furnace repair video library.

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