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Lawn Advice From The Experts

What Your Lawn Is Trying To Tell You About Your Mower

Common lawn problems may be red flags about lawn mower problems. Pay attention to your lawn and make adjustments to your equipment to improve the health and appearance of your yard and avoid costly equipment repairs.

If your lawn has a widespread yellow hue across the top…

Possible outdoor power equipment problem: Dull lawn mower blade. Dull mower blades tear grass, rather than cut the way sharp blades do. This results in yellow-tipped grass and a collective yellowing over the top of the lawn.

Now what: Replace the lawn mower blade. It’s inexpensive and an easy DIY job.

If your lawn has repeated pest problems such as grubs, despite fertilizer application…

Possible outdoor power equipment problem: Lawn mower is set to an improper lawn mower cutting height or you’re simply mowing too frequently. If your lawn is always cut short, it’s more likely to become diseased. Grass grows through photosynthesis so the longer the blades, the more energy is available to obtain nutrients for healthy root systems.

Now what: Adjust your lawn mower’s mowing height. It varies by grass type but the general rule of thumb is to set your lawn mower to a two to three-inch mowing height. Ideally, it should be set to ensure cutting just one third of grass blade length in a single mowing. This will foster a much greener, healthier lawn.

Another possible cause: The lawn could also be watered too often without deep saturation. In most parts of North America, lawn watering should happen only once weekly but the water should flow for a lengthy period to allow for deeper saturation.

If your lawn has brown stripes…

Possible outdoor power equipment problem: Lawn mower is set to an improper lawn mower cutting height.

Now what: The mowing height will need to be adjusted.

If your lawn has too many weeds...

The benefits of clover. It has a symbiotic relationship with bacteria that attaches itself to the roots, which absorbs nitrogen- the main reason grass has it's green color. The more nitrogen from the atmosphere means the less fertilizer you need to use for your yard. Good mix of clover = less fertilizer.  Mowing your grass higher helps shade the soil and makes it more difficult for weeds to establish. Clover, with it's umbrella like leaves shades the soil better than blades of grass.

Now what: If you like short grass without weeds? Add more clover.

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