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5 Ways to Maximize The Efficiency Of Your Stove

5 Ways to Maximize The Efficiency Of Your Stove

Cooking inefficiently can waste money and energy. What better way to shave a little extra off your utility bills by following these five easy steps to maximize the energy your stove uses and reduce your cooking time.

  • Catch Our Drip

Stoves come accessorized with drip pans for other reasons besides just catching spills. Those metal shiny objects are used to reflect the heat back onto the pot or pan you’re cooking on. To maximize the effectiveness of your cooking time, clean or replace those drips pans regularly. Grime, rust or caked on food reduces the amount of heat the drip pan is reflecting back onto the pot and extends your cook time.

  • Time To Put A Lid On It

Lids? What lids? Those ones collecting dust in your bottom kitchen cabinet. The lids for your pots and pans can be a big energy saver. It keeps the heat in the pan and helps the food cook faster, reducing the amount of cook time and limiting the amount of heat escaping into your home. If you cooked it than you should have put a lid on it.

  • Perfect Match

Large pots = large coil. Small pots = small coil. There’s a reason those coils come in different sizes, they are a perfect match to the size of your pans! Using the wrong pot on the wrong coil could be wasting up to 40% more electricity than needed, generating more heat into your home that needs to be offset by an air conditioner or fan. In this case…matching matters.

  • Built For The Competition

Cast iron vs teflon vs aluminum. We’ve sized up the competition, the verdict is in and the coating is off! Cast iron skillets are the best and the healthiest option for cooking and by far the most energy efficient. Utilizing its non-stick features (less oil), and dual ability to move from stovetop to oven, the cast iron retains heat and stays hotter than similarly sized pans. Built from the same material as engine blocks, the melted iron is then poured into pan shaped molds making it cheaper than handcrafted cookware. Cast iron skillets transfer heat incredibly well, making the handles extremely hot. Make sure to always put your gloves on when handling a hot skillet! Cast iron cookware literally knocks out the competition!

  • Precautionary Measures

How much water is too much water? If you don’t know, then measure! From tea, to coffee, to any time you are making anything with water. Boil the exact amount of water needed to do the job and not a drop more. Boiling extra water increase the amount of energy used to complete the job and wastes money and electricity.

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