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Power Equipment Dangers And How To Stay Safe

Power Equipment Dangers And How To Stay Safe

How to prevent an accident:

  • Never allow children to operate outdoor power equipment. Make sure children and pets stay indoors when you're using the equipment.
  • Before starting up the lawn mower, walk the area. Relocate toys, hoses, rocks and sticks. Debris such as stones, wood chips and pieces of aged blades can be propelled at high speeds, which can cause a fatal accident.
  • Check lawn mower blades regularly. Look for damage, bends and dullness. Blades should be replaced every year or two, depending on usage. Replacement blades are inexpensive and easy to install.
  • Make sure the mower's trail shield is working properly and is free of tears. It should hang freely from its supports and should not be adjusted, modified or propped up.
  • Leave the mower deflector chute in the manufacturer-set position.
  • When operating any outdoor power equipment (no matter the size), wear closed-toe, slip-resistant shoes, safety glasses, rubberized gloves, a hat to reduce sun glare and ear protection. Cover your skin as much as possible.
  • Watch out for blind spots. Slow down and take care when mowing around corners, trees, shrubbery or other obstacles.
  • Never underestimate the power of handheld equipment, especially chainsaws. Follow the same caution as you do for larger equipment.
  • Due to the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning, only operate outdoor power equipment and generators outside.
  • Wait until the equipment has cooled completely before filling with fuel or attempting any repair or maintenance.
  • Consider an enclosure for snowblowers and snowthrowers to protect against propelled ice bits.
  • Never put your hands near the snowblower auger housing or chute, even after the motor has been shut off. Use a small shovel or the end of a broom used to clear snow and ice jams. A non-stick spray for snowblowers and snowthrowers will reduce jamming. Use on any surface that comes into contact with the snow.

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