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Easy Ways To Check The Efficiency of Your Appliances

Easy Ways To Check The Efficiency of Your Appliances 

There are some easy ways to check the efficiency of your appliances to make sure they are in proper working order. If you hosted a big event recently or family gathering that had your appliances working over-time here are a few easy tips to get them back in shape. 


Check that the oven is still working baking at the proper temperature.  Place an oven thermometer on the middle rack of the oven and set the oven temperature to 350 degrees. Check the temperature reading on the thermometer once the oven has preheated, allow the oven approximately 10 minutes to cycle on/off, and then check the temperature reading again. If the temperature on the thermometer is reading different than the pre-set oven temperature, the main cause is usually the oven ignitor, or bake and broil element.


Opening the refrigerator to fully stocked shelves and delicious leftover holiday meals is one of the bright spots after every holiday. Make sure your fridge shelves are not cracked or damaged from all the extra food weight. Extra items on the shelves could also mean the fridge will have to work harder to keep the correct temperature, however, the fridge should not be running constantly. If it is, check to make sure your condenser coils on the back of the fridge are clean, dirty condenser coils and damaged or dirty door gaskets are the most common reason a fridge will run constantly.


An over-stocked freezer is one of the main causes for temperature fluctuations and melted ice cream. If your freezer is not keeping the right temperature and is too warm, remove any food containers or packages that could be blocking the air vent in the back panel of the freezer, improper air flow is the number one reason for a freezer that is too warm. If you’re still experiencing warm temperatures in your freezer and it’s damaging your food, check the evaporator fan motor, it could be faulty.


The handle and the glass tray are the two items that get strong armed and overused on a microwave. Someone is either opening the door to rough, or slamming it shut, and the glass tray usually becomes a casualty during cleanings.  If the door still isn’t shutting properly and the handle is intact, the door switch is probably broken, and needs to be replaced.  The glass tray looks fine but just isn’t turning?  Replace the turntable motor located underneath it.


The display board panel on your dishwasher is broken or cracked from too many fingers pressing on it too many times over the holiday weekend? Or the soap dispenser decides to go on strike and stop dispensing soap? You can replace both with little to no effort.  If your dishwasher has bigger problems, not drying dishes, than check out the repair help section of our website to properly diagnose your appliance.

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