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Keep Your Lawn Healthy And Help Your Garden Grow

Keep Your Lawn Healthy And Help Your Garden Grow

If you’re planted a vegetable garden in your yard or flowers for the season, here are a few tips to keep your lawn healthy and help your garden grow:


A sprinkler system is the best way to keep your garden healthy, and watered often, once the rainy season stops. After the dry summer months begin, start a more frequent watering schedule, and check the rate of the water by using rain gauges. Once the level of water reaches about an inch it is time to stop watering. Water your garden about once a week, checking often to make sure the soil is moist, on hotter summer days it may be necessary to water more frequently.


To avoid having the water evaporate back into the air, use mulch to block the evaporation process, it helps prevents weeds from growing, and keeps moisture in the soil. You can use organic mulch, straw, or even grass clippings from your yard.


Weeds have a tendency to hog the water and prevent your plants from thriving. Weed regularly by stopping a few times daily to check on your garden.


Ensure your garden gets the right nutrients by fertilizing the garden with a nice layer of compost, pellet or organic fertilizer to boost the plants growth, and allow the plants to thrive.


Whether you’ve planted a vegetable, or a flower garden, harvest the plants often to allow your plants to keep reproducing.


Prune damaged limbs to avoid blocking the airflow and growth, light pruning during the entire season will encourage steady growth, and build healthy plants.

Yard Equipment for Gardens


Tillers are used for breaking new ground and for preparing a garden in a larger outdoor space. Fall is the best time to till the yard, however, you can till the soil in spring as long as it’s somewhat dry.  If soil is too damp or has too much clay than it’s best to add sand or consider a raised garden bed instead.

Tiller Tines

Tiller Handles

Tiller Heavy Duty Degreaser

Leaf Blowers

Leaf blowers are great for composting leaves to add in a garden. Shredded leaves will help provide valuable nutrients in vegetable gardens or flower beds. Use a mulching leaf blower or lawn mower that bags and mulches the leaves and sprinkle them into your garden. Be careful when using your leaf blower around your garden, to much direct wind from a leaf blower can damage your plants, and flowers.

Leaf Blower Discharge Chute

Leaf Blower Mulching Blade

Leaf Blower Engine Oil

String Trimmer

Instead of weeding by hand, use a string trimmer to rid of unwanted perennials and weeds, or use the trimmer to trim the weeds in a new flower bed that has just been seeded. Trimming the edge of your lawn bordering the garden will prevent the grass from growing and extending over into your garden.

Trimmer Head

Trimmer Spool

Trimmer Line


To keep your lawn from encroaching on your garden the best and most effective way is to use an edger. The spinning blade of the edger cuts and trims the grass to create a beautifully trim line along the edge of the lawn to make your flower bed stand out and create a landscaped border around your garden.

Edger Blade

Edger Handle

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