Did You Know You Could Do This to Your Kitchen Appliances?

Did You Know You Could Do This to Your Kitchen Appliances?

Do you have big kitchen makeover dreams with a minuscule budget? Repair Clinic is going to share some “insider” secrets to help you do a mini-makeover to match your budget. And we’re guessing that you didn’t know that a few of these were even possible to change!

  1. Knobs and Handles
    No matter how much TLC you show your kitchen appliances, the handles and knobs are bound to get worn, chipped or broken over the years. Appliance knobs and handles are affordable and a quick, easy update you can do yourself. You can replace: refrigerator door handles, stove/oven/range control knobs and dials, dishwasher knobs, dishwasher handles, microwave knobs, microwave handles, trash compactor knobs and trash compactor handles.    
  2. Refrigerator Drawers, Shelves and More
    Even though only you and your family typically see the inside of your fridge, there are parts inside that eventually show some wear and tear. These are just a few of the items you can update inside your refrigerator: refrigerator drawers, refrigerator fronts, refrigerator shelves and the all-important refrigerator light bulb.  (And yes, it does turn off when you close the fridge door!)
  3. Dishwasher Dishracks and Silverware Baskets
    Think of all the water churning in your dishwasher every week. No wonder the parts inside sometimes get rusted and beaten up. No worries, because you can replace your dishwasher’s: dishrack, silverware basket and detergent dispenser, easily and affordably. 
  4. Dishwasher Panel
    Have you recently updated your kitchen and now not all your appliances match? Good news, you don’t have to buy a new dishwasher, many models let you replace the dishwasher front panels. Find a panel that matches your other appliances and your old dishwasher can look brand new!
  5. Gas Burners and Grates
    Tired of your worn out stovetop? Did you know you can replace the burner grates on a gas stove as well as the coil surface elements and burner drip bowls on an electric one? You’d be surprised what a difference just replacing these few items can do to improve the appearance of your stove.
  6. Microwave Turntable
    We know a microwave’s glass tray/turntable isn’t an obvious update for an onlooker, but it can sure make cooking much more pleasurable! Whether it’s cracked or grimy beyond saving, this inexpensive fix is an easy update.
  7. Reverse Doors
    So, this isn’t a cosmetic tip, but it is one of convenience. Ever wish your refrigerator’s door opened in the opposite direction? You’re in luck! Many models let you reverse the direction that the doors open. Just check out the owner’s manual for instructions. If you no longer have your owner’s manual, you can put in your model number in the search box at the top of the page, we might have it - and other parts you may need - available for purchase.
  8. Paint Touchup
    No matter how careful we are, we still sometimes manage to scratch our appliances. This is a super easy and affordable repair – touch-up paint! No matter what kitchen appliance needs touching up, your refrigerator, dishwasher, stove/oven/range or microwave, there’s bound to be a paint for you.

All of the above easy appliance makeover tips are truly something you can do yourself and could get you loving your appliances again!

Remember, Repair Clinic has millions of appliance parts available for same-day shipping with a 365-day return policy.

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