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Appliance Repairs For Summer

5 Must-Do Home & Appliance Repairs to Complete Before Summer Ends

Historically speaking, top-selling summer season parts on Repair Clinic have been for lawn mowers, lawn trimmers, dryers and refrigerators. While it may seem intuitive to check on the most used appliances for the approaching summer season in May and June, the most commonly ordered parts show that many homeowners forget to check the state and function of their appliances until the season is in full swing. In June, July and August, Repair Clinic sells more than 10,000 lawn mower screws, lawn trimmer parts, dryer thermal fuses, and gas valves.

That homeowners are searching for repair parts and tutorials on fixing lawn mowers and trimmers during the summer months is not surprising as the season often lends itself to backyard BBQs, gardening and more time spent outdoors. However, summer is also an ideal time to check other hardworking appliances around the home that keep people cool and comfortable when the weather gets warm. This is especially true for those that have vacation homes, where appliances may need more maintenance due to sea air and high humidity. Many homeowners are not as diligent with regular maintenance for these appliances, only remembering when they arrive for vacation and need quick fixes. Repair Clinic offers the following five summer must-do appliance repairs and maintenance checks for homeowners:

  1. Tune up the lawn mower: Self-tapping screws, which help attach the blade drive spindle – a crucial component for mower performance – are among the top parts purchased with Repair Clinic in the spring, followed closely by drive belts that help the wheels on push lawn mowers turn. Making small updates – like replacing the self-tapping screw, replacing a drive belt or repairing a control cable – each year can save homeowners as much as $225 in labor and ensure the lawn mower lasts for many summers.  

  1. Clean the dryer vent: To keep dryers functioning well for many years, Repair Clinic recommends homeowners clean the dyer vent once a year every spring. For dryers under heavier use, homeowners can consider cleaning the dryer and dryer vent two times a year. A cleaning brush is all that’s needed to DIY.  Warm weather and longer days present a great opportunity to take the vent system outside and clean it thoroughly and prevent the risk of fire.

  1. Keep weeds at bay: Lawn trimmers are crucial for home landscaping – often the difference between an unkempt lawn and award-winning landscapes. The most commonly replaced parts for lawn trimmers are head components and assemblies. Homeowners can make sure theirs is in good shape during the dog days of summer with in-depth tips and videos at  

  1. Check condenser and evaporator coils: Central air or A/C units outside are at risk of bushes, grass and weeds which can cause havoc on the unit’s air flow. As well, family pets should be kept away from the unit to avoid urination near or on the unit and its condensing coils. If a home A/C unit or refrigerator is not cooling well, homeowners should check for dirty or clogged condenser or evaporator coils. Often, a little cleanser and elbow grease is sufficient to remove energy-zapping debris and improve performance.

  1. Maintain dehumidifiers: While the sale data doesn’t show dehumidifiers as a top appliance that breaks down in the summer, these hard-working appliances reduce humidity levels and make homes less hospitable to allergens like dust mites, mold and mildew. Homeowners should routinely check that dehumidifiers are producing water.

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