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Kohler Small Engine Leaks Gas


The part(s) or condition(s) listed below for the symptom Small engine leaks gas are ordered from most likely to least likely to occur. Check or test each item, starting with the items at the top of the page.

Most Frequent Causes for Small engine leaks gas

Cause 1Carburetor Gasket

The carburetor gasket might be dried out or missing. If the leak is coming from the bottom of the carburetor, try replacing the carburetor gasket.

Carburetor Gasket for your KohlerSmall Engine
Carburetor Gasket - Part # 1602549 Mfg Part # 12 041 01-S

Gasket, carburetor

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Cause 2Fuel Line

One or more of the fuel lines may have a leak. Inspect the fuel lines for cracks. If any of the fuel lines are cracked or dry, replace them. Do not attempt to repair a fuel line—if a fuel line is cracked, you must replace it.

Fuel Line for your KohlerSmall Engine
Fuel Line - Part # 2304781 Mfg Part # 25 111 81-S

Hose, fuel low perm

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Cause 3Carburetor

Over time, the carburetor may develop cracks due to the vibration and heat of the engine. If the carburetor is cracked, it will leak fuel. Inspect the carburetor for cracks or corrosion. If the main body of the carburetor is leaking, you will most likely need to replace the carburetor.

Carburetor for your KohlerSmall Engine
Carburetor - Part # 1602609 Mfg Part # 20 853 33-S

Carburetor assembly with fuel shut-off solenoid.
If the engine runs rough, the carburetor may be restricted and should be cleaned, rebuilt, or replaced.

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