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F/02 - Drain Cycle Too Long

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Solution 1:
Drain Pump
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Washing Machine Drain Pump
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Solution 2:
Check drain hose for kinks and make sure hose and pump are not plugged with lint or other debris
The manufacturer has assigned this error or fault code to indicate that the washing machine drain cycle is taking too long. After 8 minutes of drain time the error code is displayed. Press PAUSE/CANCEL twice to clear the display. If the error code returns, check to be sure the drain hose isn’t clogged or kinked. If that checks out, check to see if the drain pump or drain pump filter are clogged. Sometimes objects that are put into the washing machine, for example combs, money, hair pins, etc. end up in the filter. Finally, if the drain line is clear and the pump seems to be clear and functioning properly, you may need to replace the drain pump assembly.