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Whirlpool Washer Leaking Water


The part(s) or condition(s) listed below for the symptom Washer leaking water are ordered from most likely to least likely to occur. Check or test each item, starting with the items at the top of the page.

Most Frequent Causes for Washer leaking water

Cause 1Drain Pump

The drain pump pumps water out the drain hose. If the drain pump is cracked or damaged, or if the bearings are worn out, the drain pump may leak water. The drain pump is not repairable—if the pump is leaking water, replace it.

Drain Pump for your WhirlpoolWashing Machine
Drain Pump - Part # 2392433 Mfg Part # W10536347

Washing machine drain pump kit. Shield & screws included. If the washer does not drain then the pump could be clogged, damaged, or defective.

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Cause 2Tub Seal and Bearing Kit

The tub seal might be torn, causing water to leak from the seal. If the tub seal is leaking water, water may leak through the tub seal and into the tub bearings. This can cause the bearings to fail. For this reason, if the tub seal is leaking water, replace both the tub seal and the tub bearings. Be aware that this is a complicated repair and will require disassembling most of the washer.

Tub Seal and Bearing Kit for your WhirlpoolWashing Machine
Tub Seal and Bearing Kit - Part # 2118925 Mfg Part # W10435302

Outer tub and drive shaft repair kit. If the washer is noisy during the spin cycle or is leaking from the bottom of the tub this kit may be needed. Bearing and seal tool required to install this kit. See Related Items below.

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Cause 3Drain Hose

The drain hose may be leaking. The drain hose most commonly leaks from the connection between the pump and the back of the washer. If the washer is pushed too far against the wall, the hose can rub against the wall and form a leak. Inspect the drain hose for leaks. If the drain hose is leaking, replace it.

Drain Hose for your WhirlpoolWashing Machine
Drain Hose - Part # 1200166 Mfg Part # 280190
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