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Silicone rubber adhesive and sealant for felt seals, door gaskets and more. 2 ounces

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Refrigerator icemaker control module and motor assembly. Located under the white cover of icemaker and controls ice ejector bar, heater and water inlet valve for the icemaker. If the icemaker is not making ice or making too much ice the model may be defective.

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Icemaker water fill tube with compression nut. Approximately 9 1/2 inches long. Can be cut to match the length of the original tube.

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1/4 inch plastic water line kit, approximately 72 inches. Tubing will need to be cut to match existing length.

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Copper ice maker water line kit• Includes 15 foot long 1/4 inch diameter copper tubing, drill type saddle valve, and all necessary hardware

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Door switch assembly. Two push-on wire connections.

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Stainless steel brightener, 8 ounces. It easily and effectively brightens stainless steel, chrome, copper, aluminum and brass surfaces. It removes heat and discoloration and yellowing. It is safe for use on food preparation surfaces.


Quality Ice Machine Replacement Parts From Repair Clinic

Ice machines are great because they cool and freeze water to make the ice that finishes off that nice, refreshing cold drink you just made. Unfortunately, sometimes they malfunction and you need some common ice machine replacement parts for this machine so it can continue to dispense that beautiful ice. We understand how important having a properly-working ice machine is when you need it. To keep it working at an optimal level when you need it the most, we stock a huge variety of ice machine replacement parts. RepairClinic's inventory includes parts for many of the top name brands like U-Line, Scotsman, KitchenAid, Sub Zero, and more. You can save time and money with RepairClinic as we have all of the replacement parts you'll need, whether it's a cap, lid & cover, circuit board timer, hose, tube & fitting, compressor & sealed system, and more to ensure an ice machine that does what it's supposed to do!

If you need help locating an ice machine part, call our Customer Service Team at 1-800-269-2609.